Cross stitch embroidery in steemit and whaleshares.

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Many are the guests, but few are the chosen ones.

I came to this world of crypto coins 7 months ago, thanks to a friend who told me about steemit and gave me that push I needed to enter a world completely unknown to me. Like everything at first nothing is easy, but thanks to many people I was able to understand and learn what this was all about.

Steemit for me has been a great opportunity and although I know that we are all here for the economic part is also true that many of us fall in love with the site, many really want to stay here because we like it.


Today as I elaborate this beautiful cloth embroidered in the technique of cross stitch I will be remembering how I saw the birth of the platform of whaleshares.

The cross stitch is a millenary technique, which consists of filling square by square with the threads of the sedalina of beautiful colors to go forming the word, the drawing, what we like to do.


Through this time I have noticed something, and is that as the phrase in the Bible says "Many are called but few chosen," if friends, here I have seen many arrive, but few are those who really decide to stay and work.


At last the dream came true.

I remember that one day my friends invited me to a conversation where I heard for the first time about whaleshares, it looked promising, but there was no time to start, while we were preparing, we were learning, and also contributing ideas so that everything would go in the best possible way at the moment of its birth.


As everything in this life nothing is easy, everything must be with patience, but taking care not to make mistakes, to make the best decisions, to combine things well so that nothing goes wrong.

We didn't arrive before, but at the right time.


That's right, my friends, God's timing is perfect, nothing happens without our heavenly father's approval, the day I was told about steemit was perhaps the day it had to happen, not a minute before or a minute after. Maybe the platform was waiting for me, but we had to wait for that day to come.

Achievements and recognitions

Here in Steemit I have felt at home, I have felt useful, and it is nice to feel that feeling of being able to help others, I have also earned recognition both written that have come to my blog and monetary, in Steemit I have had fun, I have laughed and dreamed, I have met many people who now I can call friends.


Now I'm going to share also with new people in #whaleshares, I hope to build little by little my stay there, and like this embroidery, the one I was doing little by little, gathering squares, joining threads and colors, designing and enjoying doing it also with whaleshares, uniting bonds of friendship and hope.

Source of images taken with my Sony HD video camera


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You did so well with this embroidery (I find embroidery very tough and perhaps I am not patient enough) I especially like the letters and how you made the small details (serif)
But I have to admit I have no clue about whaleshares....?

Your napkins are really lovely and so meticulously made!
Thanks for sharing about #whaleshares, I didn't know anything about this project...

Your cross stitch is beautiful! I love the cute whale. The napkin is so well sewn. I've just joined whaleshares with the help from 2 nice Steemians but have not posted yet, it looks exactly like Steemit, with some differences, one of it is a 14-day payout system I think. Thank you for sharing!

I love the way you put this post together Little by Little as you revealed the finished whale design. It is very lovely. I have heard of #whaleshares but have not took the time to look more into what it is about. I’m glad you feel at home here and have found some things to enjoy! 😊

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What beautiful work!! Ilove the inspiration behind it as well.
Good job! ♥