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Since I first started posting on Steem/Steemit my approach has been much like my posting practices had been on other platforms. Mostly my experience has been instagram. I gave FB a try but just couldn't get over the creep factor. I dabbled on, which I still like, but it never really felt like home. If you know what I mean. I've dabbled here and there in other social platforms, mostly as a content consumer though, and haven't been able to find my niche. That is until now.

Specifically, it has been the creation of Creative Coin. I don't know why exactly but this tribe has grabbed me in a way the other places have failed to do. So, as I started to get serious about engagement, both in curating (mostly voting but some commenting too) and in posting, I did so in the way I'd been trained to do through the use of the platforms I've mentioned.

I mostly took the approach of posting a picture and a short caption. Much the same way one would do on instagram. I like the format of instagram actually. But that format doesn't really fit here on Steem. I haven't given a whole lot of brain time to just why this is, but I accept that it is as it is.

And so far I've been quite pleased with the response I've received here. Nice people making nice comments and giving much appreciated support. Then the other day I made a post like I normally do. That's when a kind fellow Steemian named @melinda010100 pointed out that they would like to see/know more about what my process, inspiration, and other things of the like. This was an 'aha,' moment for me.

I'd always assumed most people weren't interested in the process or the person behind the process. Much like you might see on other platforms. So it never occurred to me to add anything but a picture of a finished product or a work that was on its way to becoming one.

After some reflection I realized that the posts I'd been enjoying here on Steem was just the kind of post I'd just been asked to produce. My favorite posts are the ones that give me a little background on what's going on and how things got to the point they were in the post. So, that's what this post is... a signifier of a rebirth if you will. A step off a precipice into the unknown of... yeah I'm just making stuff up now. What I should have said is, I'm gonna start making more in-depth posts.

Starting now:

Figured a good first "new" post is to start with my studio. In 2016 I decided to start sculpting full time. So I started sculpting in my office. Not a great place to have wet clay but I did it anyway. Once I had convinced myself I wasn't wasting my time with this artsy stuff, I made a garage studio for myself.

Basically I took half of a two car garage put split that in half using one side for pretty and the other side for messy.

What I'd like to show today is the messy/working side of my much loved garage studio.

Messy means I'm working and that's good :)


My workbench:

Partial view of my graveyard. Dad used to call the piled up components of pieces his graveyard I've adopted the term.

So that's it, my little home-next-to-home, I hope this was an enjoyable post to read

-Sleeping Cowboy (Matt)


Thanks for sharing your office and workshop with us. I enjoyed reading your article and knowing a little about you. I look forward to your future articles @sleepingcowboy. BTW, I am curious about your username!

Thank you for the kind words. Sleeping Cowboy has a dual meaning. First I'm from Texas and to most that conjures images of the wild west figure of a cowboy. I also like to sleep alot haha. So I put those two together when was looking for a name for my studio which in its full form is, Sleeping Cowboy Studio. Secondarily, one of the first sculptures I did after deciding to turn pro was a cowboy asleep with his saddle as a pillow and his hat over his eyes. Hmm, looks like that is triune reason :)

So I went through your page, and I did not see your Sleeping Cowboy sculpture. I suppose it has been sold or gifted.
Yeah, my user name is silversaver888. I am a precious metals stacker, and I save in silver and gold in the form of coins, bars, and rounds. I also collect hand-poured silver, and a couple of them are statues. Triple 8 is my lucky number! I like to sleep a lot too. Unfortunately, I get to be so busy at times. And since steemit, I have developed a bad habit of staying up late, and it has caused me lack of sleep. I am trying to correct that now. Have a terrific weekend, my friend @sleepingcowboy!

I've alway had an affinity for precious metals as a store of wealth. Something about countering inflation is appealing to me. I've been contemplating making some moulds to pour silver. From an aesthetic angle silver is my favorite metal.

So glad you didn't take my suggestions as criticism! This is exactly the type of post I was hoping to see from you. I resteemed it and hope you connect with the many really creative types here on Steem. The CCC tribe is a great place to focus! !Tip

Definitely not criticism rather inspiration! Thank you for the and tip!

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Thank you for sharing!

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!

Welcome to STEEM and Creative Coin!

I'm more of a wordsmith than a hands on creator, but I really enjoy reading and watching those who can create visual art - I guess because I can't, I live vicariously through them!

Hope to see your Pretty side soon :)

Hey, thanks. Well all that sounds fine to me. I'll live vicariously through you and then everyone wins :) Right, I should take a picture of the pretty side. thanks for advice.


I totally agree with your conclusions here, both in terms of - the kinds of posts that interest me, are the ones where the author has shared some of the personal behind-the-scenes of creation; and also, those posts are the kind that get better rewarded here :) Your workspace is a delicious maelstrom! Love it :) Cheers - Carl

Cool, thank you. I love your phrase 'delicious maelstrom' Think I'll start using it :)

Steem and its community is like no other
Welcome here :) I think that Creative Coin will make a nice home for artists
I love your work and will be following more closely when I will be back on track

Yes I’m beginning to understand just how important Steem is going to be. Thank you so much for kind words.