Visions of the Aeon

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Eventually, I will find out that in 1999 everyone died in a great flood. But.that truth will come at a price and only after traversing this foreign landscape with my guide.

The place where I find myself and people now dwell at first seems real and complete but something is off. There are glitches and flashes of information that invade my consciousness. This plane is not a torturous hell it's just somehow detached from where Co-creation and duality lead to infinite possibilities and an abundance of diverse life.

I'm apparentky a new arrival and it's been raining nonstop since I got to this strange new world.. I have a guide of sorts and my guide tells me normally it's always quite nice, and these incessant rains are uncommon. He seems complacent, except I get the feeling that recently his wife has become estranged.

As I am telling him I'm very confused about how I got here and why, I ponder time and look to a clock on the wall. Immediately it begins to float away. I adamantly declare that this doesn't seem to be a reality I'm familiar with. He confirms my suspicions that it's widely accepted this is actually some kind of purgatory or hell and that people aren't born here but occasionally someone new like me just appears. He claims he has volunteered his services to try to help us newcomers adjust.

The never ending rains have begun to make my host frantic and we are now on the run in a station wagon attempting to collect supplies. He asks if I have a towel ? I ask why? He only glares at me as if to say he has grown tired of my inquisitive insolence.

I let him know I'm not sure, and I don't reckon I have much of anything. The frustrated man then tells me a towel is something I must have.

Im perplexed as to the significance or utility of a towel in such an odd dreary lifeless world and again let him know I think this might be hell. I'm slowly figuring things out due to these flashes of omniscience. I see a map which clearly shows we are cut off from creation. I see the flood wash over everything in what I'm made aware was 1999.

He asks if I've been receiving messages or having visions? And that this is ok. "Perfectly normal" he exclaimed, and that everyone else eventually accepts their mysterious existence here. In time he tells me I will as well. He says "it's not so terrible, could always be worse ya know" !!!

All of my knowledge about this realm comes to me in my minds eye and with this information I begin to realise that maybe I have actually been here for a very long time but forgotten who I am and my former connection to actual creation. I'm untethered and disassociating, wholly alone.

I'm aware that we all have amnesia and false memories implanted within us that keep us in a loop of perpetually remembering and then forgetting that we've been dead a long time. This is indeed a level of hell and I'm absolutely trapped. Suddenly, I become aware of the presence of a demigod that has dominion here and oversees lost souls.. But, why am I here and more importantly how do I escape ?

Just then I felt a familiar itch on my hand as I scratched the layers of skin easily peeled away revealing my inner nanotechnology. I gasped and woke up in my bedroom with a dead mosquito under my thumbnail..

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