Why I'm Supporting CreativeCoin: Why We Create

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The coming of Creativecoin.xyz has got me interested in Steem's possiblities more than ever before (and I'm a steem addict - you know it!). For me, 'creativity' has always piqued my interest - what makes something 'creative' as opposed to just a 'thing'? Why do we create? Why do I feel such need to create - through words, projects, arrangements of colours in a room? It's a conversation that keeps coming up as I read people's posts tagged with #creativecoin, watching them puzzle out what 'creative' means, and what might be excluded and included in this tag. Creativity is such a subjective experience - one person's art can be another's eyesore - but what strikes me as I scroll through my feed is that creativity is such a human need. We all need to create in some way - to express ourselves, to leave our mark on the world, to communicate with others.

@trucklife-family expressed this desire to create this week. She's always expressed herself through poetry on Steem, pouring her passions onto the page with love, raw emotion, anger and desire. In this poem she exclaims about the longing we feel to dissolve pain through creativity:

Our own stories, our own reality!
our hands are longing to take
those brushes that paint pictures
and dissolve years of constant heartbreak.

Whether it's heartbreak, desire, lost love, political anger or some other human emotion, creativity dissolves and transforms emotion into another form, to be recieved by the viewer. In this way we communicate with each other - something essential to who we are speaks out and is heard and seen. There's a lot of introverts here that still desire to connect in this way. I was talking to @warpedpoetic about this similiar urge we have to write, wondering where that arises from. His answer seemed to mirror exactly what I was feeling - that it is loneliness, and being a little shy, that causes one to write, as well as a love for the written word, because like him, I'd been reading since I could remember. We both found ourselves more articulate when we wrote. Maybe others feel more articulate when they paint, or take a photograph, or strum a ukelele.

Full Body Practice of Two Bodies by @roveana

And we all need to articulate what's going on inside. When I was young, I was afraid to create. I remember being in painting class at school. My girlfriend had talent in drawing - a mermaid would come alive on the page, sketched in pencil and coloured in indigo and azure. People would walk past her canvas and gush at it's beauty. They walked right past mine - in retrospect, perhaps they didn't understand my abstract approach. At 15, I was trying to capture time - I had read a National Geographic uncovering avian bones and the photographs had spoken to me. On my canvas were two swathes of colour - earthy colours, ochre yellow and orange. Not deftly done, but they were there to represent the underland, the earth beneath, and on top I was sketching the bird bones. I don't think anyone could have really understood what I felt was poetry, speaking to me from the earth. Their lack of comment or words of encouragement in juxtaposition to their praise really got to me. I felt shattered, rejected. I put down the brush and the painting was unfinished. At the end of the term I threw the painting in the skip. I took up an identity that shouted 'I am not creative'.

I wonder how many others feel that they are 'not creative', because an experience has taught them that they 'don't have a creative bone in their body'. It takes courage and risk to offer one's art to the world, to identify as an artist, no matter one's medium. As @trucklife-family says:

And I sit and observe as only a few reach out
and take hold of that brush
and allow it to create
and push out
Those fears of disclosure,
that kept us chained and subdued

Adult Coloring Page Sigil To Protect Against EMFs by @in2itiveart

And yet here, on Steem via the #creativecoin token, we are asked to pick up our metaphoric brushes - musical instruments, clay, watercolours, poetry, writing, photography, projects, culinary skills, gardening projects - and say, here I am! Please see my work.

Words have always been my medium, though I never recognised them as 'creative' as such, so reluctant was I to embrace that aspect of my identity. It's great to see more poetry under the #creativecoin tag, and I'm hoping more creative writers will start publishing their work here again, and maybe even some creative writing contests will start up again. I've missed those alot on Steem - they used to happen more when I first started. I thinking winning a few of those, and getting my first Curie, were instrumental in helping me see that I was creatively valued. We can also just stop and awe - sometimes creative expression is just stunningly beautiful. Words do this to me, a lot. How can the imagery of @warpedpoetic not move you in some way?

New woman: kiss me before morning comes, before you see
My baked skin on your innocent sheets like a stain;
Dried blood on linoleum tiles, the first kiss of womanhood,
First sweet pain, metallic scent calling carrion feeders to the carcass,
swollen in pride at its own story, and waiting for you, for us
To rustle our skins beneath covers, rumpling sheets,
Creasing pages of well thumbed stories like snakes
shedding skins, bodies that are worn down with use.

Art can be just darn beautiful - a well composed and rendered photograph can make us go aaaahhhh, or a sand sculpture, or a building. Even craft makes me marvel, though I generally suck at anything that requires patience, and don't let me near needles, ever, please!

Felt Experiments: Fire by @soyrosa

Creativecoin gives us a chance to be the creative beings that we all are, in some form or another. We might not love each others mediums or even what is created from them, but we can certainly appreciate the heart and energy that goes into people's offerings. We can encourage, inspire, connect, praise, critique and review through our curation, and reveal a little of who we are through our creations, as well as making people sigh with wonder, feel their heart explode, or want to take up the creative baton themselves.

That's worth supporting for this little creative creative creative creative soul.

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Yes creation is a human need, I love this post and your creative expression, I feel honoured to be amongst it xx

and well deserved

@riverflows in the age of automation, we might finally realise our true potential and what we are really made for. #creativecoin also really caught my attention and I feel ever more encouraged after reading your take on this. Having lived from painting canvases once and trying to get assignments to survive I lived through a struggle fuelled by sadness, emptiness and almost emotions that triggered wanting to be by myself and filling that void by letting it out. Expressing myself through painting became my space of sanctuary. Every year, I try to trash and garbage my creative conditioning for sketching and character design, shapes etc to go back to mannequins, cylinders, rhomboids and spheres to reconstruct ideas of depiction. I believe anyone cultivating their artistic skills stimulates areas of the brain that give us abilities to imagine and create using other senses that favour evolving the olfactory, auditory and kinetic etc.

Particularly the fact that we literally have the alpha creatives of our society finding this consensus for a timestamp, publication of original work, shows me that #creativecoin and this new community is something people should support because it will propel us to where we need to be as steemians to redefine the newer paradigm.

Personally I also believe app developers and layout designers, illustrators, animators, and cinematographer are truly people that deserve a lot of respect for their creativity.

Yes that's SOOO true. Anyone who imagines and brings that plan into being is a creator!! We are all gods in that way. And totally - the more you USE creativity, the more you get better at it - it's a growth mindset thing. Sure, people can be 'natural' at drawing or particular art, but then some people cultivate these skills too. I'm excited about #creativecoin and definitely think a lot of your posts are wonderful contenders.

Art is such a subjective thing, really. That mermaid might capture many eyes and compliments, some might even pay a little but for it, yet someone else sells an unmade bed for millions. I took my art exam at school and at the time I would often wonder how you can grade someone on their art? What if the examiner doesn't like your style of art? What if the examiner is partial to your style of art? Who you get on the day must surely impact your grade. I love to create, but my C grade classed me as mediocre.

Here's to all of us uncreative creatives! 🥂

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I graded high school with 6 out of 10 on Dutch ( my first language ) and believe me I am good at languages. It was just that summarizing wasn't my thing and that I actually read the books ( instead of the book's summaries ) that I was being questioned about. Grading people is difficult and often not very fair for many, let alone when it comes to art / creativity.

Cheers! :>)

So true. Language can often be just as subjective as art. Reading comprehension isn't always clear cut, because we can all interpret what we read differently and its not necessarily incorrect. Fiction is creative and subjective, because what you like, I might not.

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I dont think you can GRADE anything, as you know. Cheers to our mediocrity!! We think each other is awesome, so there's that - you are an A*** in my book. xxx

Aww shucks, thank you River. Cheers to us stars!

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The #creativecoin tag is definitely a niche filled with creative ideas and expression. It is good that creatives have a voice on the steem chain and a place to express their ideas. This is the beauty of growth and expansion. I believe more and more users who are of the creative bent will find their way to this little island of ours.

btw, thanks for the mention @riverflows and the continual support, i appreciate this. I didn't know @trucklife-family was a lady. I have always treated with her as a dude. lol, my bad. No harm done, i hope?

Ha, I get called a dude too because I have a landrover in my profile pic where I'm doing a handstand! I think she gets it a lot. I'm sure she's not offended.

We are a beautiful little island, and I'm glad you are on it with me xx

True i did think you were a dude at one time but after reading a few posts, i caught on. lol

You didn't know, haha! It's pretty clear if you read her posts ;>)
and yeah, @riverflows is amazing and I'm glad that she reminded me of you(r work), as your absence on discord lately made me forgot about your writing, once again.

Hope you're well!

what a beautiful essay! i think of creativity as a form of birth. we are making a part of ourself to share with the world, to interact and challenge peoples ideas about who we are and what we think and feel. we leave our mark in the form of art, music, or even a meme.

i like to juxtapose this against my genealogy, where some of my relatives commonly left no trace. no record of birth or death, they lived and died without leaving much of a trace. simple farmers, yet their legacy was in their children, and the generations that followed.

we each make our own impact on the earth. how we do this is thru the conduit of creativity; through words, actions, interaction anhd response to the world around us.

Oh my gosh, T, you should write this comment as a post. Its a beautiful way of understanding creativity!!

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ha i cant even write one good post because all of my comments turn into essays...

Oh I have been hearing about creativecoin, this post helped me understand better, I will use the tag too from now on.

It is a really great token, though its not worth much, its got a great idea behind it!

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I fully agree with you!
Let's unleash the creativity that is located in our souls..

🧡 It is such a liberating and downright pleasurable thing to do!

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Loved the story ( although it probably wasn't much for you ) about how your creativity got stifled by people not understanding. I also love how you incorporate @trucklife-family and @warpedpoetic into your story.

Creativity is the air I breath. I think it's the exact opposite of boring and mainstream ;>)


Creative folk are my kinda folk. especially ones that wear colanders on their heads.

I actually had to look that word up. I loved knights as a kid. Guess this was the easiest way to dress up as one. Thank you for the compliment ;>)

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a great support to art in its different phases, I am very happy to share my art with creativecoin, it gives us that impulse and motivates us to continue working for the excellence of art in Steemit, it is good to know that your work and effort are grounds for other artists who are willing to comment and support, thanks friends.

Yes, I agree!! I have found it very motivating too and am discovering more writers and poets to chat to!

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