thank you professor! The board does look really nice indeed, and it is also not for sale! So only a few winners during this anniversary year will get the board.

The SUP is still broken, after Poland I agreed with the repairshop to bring it somewhere in February, but then I got the accident and didn't have the energy to bring it over there (to get the confrontation out of the way I guess...)

I'm ok under the circumstances, last few weeks feeling a bit better (didn't pass away the last 8 weeks, but still dizzy and light in the head and very tired every day). Yyesterday I had the results from the latest MRI scan. My head is all good, no weird things there. Pretty happy with that answer. Need to return to the general practioner in a hour to see whats next.

How are you doing? Still in the UK?

Glad you are getting better, everything will get sorted out! I'm back home, Visa for the UK expired and I didn't want to wander around Europe, trying to fix my finances and move in a van.

Sorry professor for the reaction a bit late weren't my best days...

How are things back home? Ready for a new summer?

No worries brothaa, getting ready for the suuuun, it's been a while that I don't see it and feel the warmth!! But not gonna lie, I miss the snow..

Improvements on health? I wish you the absolute best