National Honey Bee Day . Macro shot

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Yesterday was "National Honey Bee" day. To be honest, until yesterday I didn't even know such a thing existed so today I was determined to try to get a shot of a honey bee in action. They are hard to shoot as they move so much and getting focus and a relatively good point of view can be insanely tricky. However, I managed to get this shot which I'm pretty happy with. I would much prefer one of my usual portrait style shots but they just don't sit still. I guess that's why they are busy bees!!


Love that large lump of pollen on the leg.

Flies do sit still though, and here's one in my usual style.


I think flies are amazing, probably my favourite macro subject at the moment.

Hopefully more to come soon. I am thinking about trying out some night-time macro shots but need to work out a good way to approach it.

Thanks for looking


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Head on, shooting flies... I really need to understand focus stacking better.
Some Macro shots of the eyes on Flies are AMAZING!

I'm yet to have a go at focus stacking but it's on my list of things to try. Pretty near impossible to do with living creatures though. All of my shots are done with a small aperture and a flash rig to at least try to get some DOF.

I've got a friend who is doing some focus stacking on insect eyes. Spiders and flies.
SCARY impressive shots!

I had no idea that was a thing! I love taking photos of bees.. I really need to get a macro lens though.. luckily they don’t seem to mind that I just get ridiculously close to them with my 35mm to get some shots 😂

if you can't quite stretch to a macro lens, id recommend getting some extension tubes instead. A lot cheaper and you can get really good results. Discord me if you want more info ;)

i love that colour combination of yellow and pink in the first one, it is quite rare to see yellows and pinks together like that, and so harmoniously * ___ *

great shots, mark ! <3


you know i love spiders.


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