Read the tombstone... are you kidding me?

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What are the chances that two young bucks would decide to fight on the grave of someone named George T. Buck?

It seems that Mr Buck died 92 years ago but he is still casting a powerful spell over the wildlife! This photo is for the Wildlife Wednesday photo contest by @derangedcontests, in the pro tier. See below for several more shots!

Olympus E-M1.2, 1/100s f/6.3 ISO400 50mm


The deer are so tame it's easy to get quite close. The main trick is to just move slow. All these photos were taken with my kit lens - no long zoom, and not much cropping on any of them.


Yesterday I saw a lot of males, but there were a couple of females as well.


Although the young bucks were fighting, I think it was just in play. There wasn't any violence in it. Most of the time they seemed quite friendly with each other.


This older buck did not seem worried and he did not feel the need to compete. Nobody was about to challenge him, and he knew it!


Another female enjoying some leaves. I was hoping she would stand up on her hind legs to feed, but it didn't happen.


Here's one more look at the young males, posing in front of George T. Buck's memorial. I hope he was looking down and smiling... I'm pretty sure he was!


All photos were taken by me, @keithboone on October 15th, 2019 in Ross Bay Cemetery in Victoria, BC. Please click for a closer view.

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@tipu curate

Thanks so much, @bluemoon!

With pleasure!

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 5 of my contest just started...check it out!
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Thank you, @pixresteemer :-)


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Thanks a lot!

great shots! thanks for sharing

Thank you, @doitvoluntarily :-) Glad you liked them. I must have 100 or more shots of the deer, many of them are too blurry to show. When I got tired of this, I moved on to seagulls in the sunset. The bright spot in the background of the first two shots is the ocean.

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Thank you, @esteemapp!

Great pictures @keithboone, we have tons of deer here in Upstate NY, I too have been able to catch a few nice pix of them.
But the story that went along with these photos, George T. Buck? Too funny.

Thanks, @farm-mom :-) I love the deer! You have whitetails there, while ours are western mule deer. I probably should have mentioned that in the post. Actually, we have a slightly smaller subspecies of mule deer here on the island called Columbian Black-Tails or (Odocoileus hemionug columbianus) if you like that kinda thing ;-) About Gordon T Buck... I was just checking the tombstone in detail, and it says he died Oct 31st, 1927.

Fun catch !

It's fun to watch them play spar.

Thank you! I agree, that was fun :-)

I would have thought you were making up the part about George Buck if you hadn't taken the photos to prove it. That is too awesome! These are all great shots, but the last one is so perfect. It really looks like they posed for you. What a great post!

Thank you! I didn't read the words on the stone until I got home and saw them on the screen... couldn't believe it! :-)

I always liked this graveyard. Nice shot of the dear eating the branch.

Thank you, it's a beautiful place and especially during autumn.

It's been a while since I have been - but I believe you. Autumn is always a nice time on the island.

Wow, beautiful shots and creatures!

Thanks very much!