Creeky African Pride

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I don't care what you think!
I don't care what you say!
This is my trade;
This is my pride;
This is my honor.

I may not seem sophisticated.
I may not cloak in painted faces;
I may not dress classically after the order of the business ladies.
This is my culture;
This is our way of life

Nanawei is a multi-breasted God.
Dividing all therein as He pleases,
Tribes are golden;
Trades are the censers perfectly fitted therein.

I am a proud woman from the Niger-Delta Creek;
Cultured after the similitude of an intelligent lioness;
I am that perfect woman every right thinking man would yearn for.
Glowing even within the hexagons of endless creeks and rivers.

I love my trade;
I delight in it.
Daily, Fishes swim long distance just to submit themselves to me;
Crocodiles wag their tails in the waters just to acknowledge my very presence.
I am the epitome: the centrifugal force that connects the very realm of our being.

I am that woman who knows the secrets of the endless rivers and chains
Feeding the world with the best of sea foods is what i do.
It is an honor to be rooted in this linage of confident people and creed
Who defy all challenges and risks to put food and make the home a safe haven.

That's my trade, and that's what have been called to do

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