Sigil To Resolve A Matter Regarding The Property I Own...

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colored pencil on paper with pen and ink, 5" x 8"

As some of you know, I have some property down in the San Luis Valley of Colorado.
Here's a link to it:

It is 4 acres and it is in one of the poorest counties in CO - Saguache County. It is on an Aquafir and it has a thermal well underneath that, but I have not had the money to dig to either the fresh water or the hot water...

Across the street is Joyful Journey Hotsprings...

Anyway... I have a neighbor, Heidi, to the West of me who has the same size property as I and according to my friend who lives just North of me there, Steve, she has been digging up piles of dirt and putting them in the road and on my property and on the property of another friend of mine to the West of her, Tammi. Tammi got home from Michigan the other day to find a pile of bushes and dirt strewn across the county owned road and on her property. She texted me.

I called my neighbor, Heidi, and talked to her. She said she was going to send me a photo of the situation.

Tammi texted me and told me she was going to the county this week...I really do not want to go to the county - it's 3 hours one-way from Denver. I just started a new job. I am still recovering from the accident. I have sciatica all the time right now and I don't want to go down there to deal with this, so I made this sigil:


I started drawing on it and thought it looks kinda like a dream catcher...


I started to color it in this morning...

I just asked God to resolve it and made this Sigil so everything just goes smoothly and gets resolved. I am too darned exhausted from the new job to take a trip down south right now to deal with this situation. Tomorrow I am going to call the county and have a talk with them about it and see what they are going to do about this Heidi chick piling up dirt on their roads...

We'll see how the Sigil does...

The thing is that it is just SAD that people don't just respect each other's property. WTF??? Just because I am not there does not mean that I don't own that property and pay taxes on it and have every right to be on it or NOT be on it and no one else does have that right. Get a grip, Heidi!

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thank you so much!!!

Great that you started a new job. That's worth celebrating.

Ultimately, none of us owns anything except the joy of this moment. Everything else is an illusion.

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This is an extremely solipsistic attitude, which I personally once held myself because I was under mind-control.

Under Natural Law and the laws of behavioral consequence I own my body. It is my property- and where I live and the things I use in my meatsuit are also my property- along that same line of action I follow Natural Law- do unto other’s as I would have them do unto me - I have the free Will choice to do as I wish as long as it doesn’t harm others- harm: theft 1. Theft of property - trespass 2. Theft of life - murder 3. Theft of sexual choice- rape 4. Theft of intellectual space- coercion etc on these grounds people can live in harmony- under the 7 Hermetic Principles-If I violate another’s rights through theft - I will pay a spiritual price. The Law of Cause and effect These are the laws of behavioral consequence here on earth- similar to gravity- you can like it or not - it’s the Law. That being said- my neighbor is trespassing on my property and she will pay a price for that and likely I need do nothing about it as Natural Law will take care of it for me- but I made a sigil anyway.

Taking the position that there is no property and it’s all an illusion was for me a very cowardly and right-brained imbalanced approach which leads to inaction - and slavery of the species because suddenly other things like animal cruelty, pollution, gmos, pedophilia, eugenics, big pharma, big oil, wars- and on and on are just an illusion- so therefore I have no responsibility and can ignore them - which is a violation of Natural Law- for which I would pay a spiritual price I am not willing to pay.

At the time- I was under mind-control due to misinformation provided by the Dark Occult priest class- running things around here... and then I did a bunch of work for several years during which I was awakened to my cowardice and ignore-ance - at which point I made the free will choice to attain brain balance and begin to act according to Principle.