Brand Spanking New Song. With 5 instrument tracks! Wooooo! CLICK IT OR BE A VERY SAD PANDA

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Hey guys. This is another old one. It goes back ten years.
It's a little emo, but I've tried to spruce it up a bit and make it less generic. Do you think I succeeded or does it still sound a little...bleh?
I think it came out okay.

I'm really enjoying playing piano. I feel like it really completes the songs..There sort of always felt like there was something lacking in some of my songs.

Final Drafts can be expected this autumn, I think. :3 Although...I have a technological upgrade coming very soon. It's very exciting. And it may not make much sense to make final drafts with my current shit soundcard.

Things used to be so very simple, didn't they?
I wish I could work in cassettes. I just...the capitalist within me realizes being that kind of rebellious hipster isn't appealing to anyone who's gonna take me seriously.

Still, I have many fond memories of working with tape recorders. The pocket ones and the old fashioned rectangular ones. Not so much for music, really. I used to ghost hunt...try to catch E.V.P.

I once made one of my so called friends sit with me with an ouija board and a tape recorder for hours. It's a shame the board is a bunch of bologna. Some say it's an unpredictable way to contact the dead. Scientists say we do involuntary movements on the letter piece, making it look like it was a ghost. I dunno what to believe.

Ghosts, spirits and the paranormal are a very real thing to me. But that's a story for another time. :3
Hey, maybe I'll write this song about ghosties. What do you think?

Thanks for listening, everyone!
Sorry for not posting sooner. It's been a rather stressful week. And I just didn't feel motivated at all. But I'm back! Making up for lost time, I finally have some footage for you all!
I hope you're all feeling fantastic!

See you in the funnies~
~ C.K.M.

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I liked the emo-ness of it, the chord progressions were great, my favourite bands/songs are pretty emotional rocky type stuff, I'm just a big sap (who likes to rock out a bit)!

Going on another drive was good too :) Thanks! :D

YAY for tech upgrade, looking forward to hearing all about it. Adding in piano too, sweet idea!

Haven't messed with ouija since I was a teen. That shit definitely moves by itself :( In my experiences anyways.

I'm proud of how hard you are working, how much music you are putting out and how much you are progressing <3 xo

Thank you for the kind words Miss Bowes c: