Who Doesn't Like A Freebie?

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As a student, I'm given a bunch of software for free to try out. So, as you can see above, I've decided to give Canva Pro a go (image above made with it). Although it's not great (in my opinion), they also offer courses telling you how to design good, so maybe I can class up my STEEM posts and you might get to look forward to some cool stuff.

Hopefully, I can get a nice "brand pallette" going and make my posts consistent. I sometimes miss out images, so it could be a nice thing to have.

I hope you like the addition and I'll probably give it a deeper dive after a while. I must say it has good range of templates:



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I’ve been using canva for years, it’s freakin awesome! 😀

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Yeah but you probably pay for it 😛😂

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You have the wrong currency in that photo. That’s what ‘free’ gets you. 😂

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