World Of Wasters : A Freewrite Poetry.

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Eat till the stomach is full
Hunger comes in the day
Night of joy, be filled to the brim
For the morrow, empty stomach rules
Futility of them all is food
Vanity upon those who ate
They stare at us with cold face
The moderate ones, for we know more
Eat for today, save for the morrow.
Truth be told, we are going nowhere
Waste upon negligence, lackadaisical attitude
Wait, be still, nothing is moving
Growling in the dark
Hunger wired bands
At surplus we throw away
In need we never manage
Till all was gone for good.
Colour me black, dark as the earth
Put me deep, sing me ode
Us, sing us, all of us, sing us
Songs of wasters, melody of ruin
Chord of procrastinators, notes of no mercy
Play, play my dear, play
Write on us epitaph, words of wasters
And none was left to write it.
And the new ones coming in
Hear of our tales, children of woes
The boom occurred, we sold all
No reserve, nothing, nothing
Draught came, whisk us all away.
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