CreativeCoin banner made my way 😄

in creativecoin •  4 months ago 

Today I show you the banner I have created to add to my posts, now that I fully use and support Creative Coin.

If you don't know yet about creative coin :

You can either use the front end
or you can use the creativecoin tag in your posts
If you don't know if your content can be post under the #creativecoin , you can read this post from @isaria

When your posts are tagged with creativecoin, they do earn CCC when they are voted by accounts with staked CCC.

I do stake my CCC and also delegate and transfer to @luigi-the-gnome,(my gnome agent 😄), so as to curate more specifically CCC and Pal

Let's come back to the banner...

I love to create my own way's banner, and I also know that it is very specific to my universe and this is not digital design as we are used to see for banners...

that's why, even if I have created it on the impulse of @derangedvisions 's post Show us your designs and win some Creative Coins!, and that I participate to the contest with this banner,
I'm not sure anybody else than me would use it...LoL
...but that is not a reason not to participate, because everything that is boosting my creativity is good, and I would have create my own banner anyway, so now it's done and here it is 😊


My aliens wanted to be the representatives of the joyfully colorful and wacky side that is the hallmark of our creativity...

If you know our artwork, you may have met

The BlueWonkies,



the FancyPets,


and the Aliens


Our creativity is made of paintings, drawings, collages, traditional mixed with digital sometimes,
but mostly, what never fail to be on it are


So whatever banner we create, it can not be otherwise 😄


At the end of each of my posts, you find some other personal banners, so I show you them here, in order to have them all in same place for one time ^_^

This one is to express gratitude and support to our witness Drakos.


Of course, we casted our votes for a lot more of witnesses, but @drakos is the one who is fully supporting our wacky creativity since always and we felt to show our appreciation ^_^


This one is to announce my art can be collected on



And finally this one advise you can find my paintings on my website !!


These are 3 different banners but I'm pretty sure you grab we could not advertise whatever in a banner, it has to pleases us firstly, it has to be positive, and it will be colorfully treated
...that's why I am "just" an artist, and not a professional that could design anything and in any ways 😃

That is how I lo(i)ve my life ^_^


My last posts

Dragon & fox keychain - Porte clefs dragon & renard


Step by step process of a #caturday drawing - création pas à pas du dessin du chamedi


Meeting the art on the old streets this morning...balade dans la vieille ville d'Annecy ce matin


A peaceful sunset above the lake - Paisible coucher de soleil sur le lac


Personalized cardboard sleeve for my drawings - Une pochette personnalisée pour mes dessins


Tutorial of the dog & butterfly painting - Pas à pas du tableau chien & papillon


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So happy to see you sitting pretty in the 'Hot' section here on

I've always appreciated your art and it is about time you were up in lights :)

How nice of you Asher ^_^ lvfi20x4gc.png

Lovely, I think I'll add it to my posts footer if you don't mind.

Of course I don't mind, this makes me such a pleasure jolly pirate ! 😊 I'm thrilled that you enjoy the banner 😉

love your colourful work and imagination

fpp91ow2ne.png Thank you so much @shadowspub ! 😊

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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Thank you Pix 😉

This is so awesome! I am so glad that you entered in this competition!! I love everything about this!

I'm happy you enjoy it !! 😊 I love to get some challenges, and now, I have my own creative coin banner ! 😉

I really like this banner, Barbara! The design is wonderful, and I love how you use black and white elements with your coloured characters <3 So stylish !!!

Good luck in the competition <3 !!!

qrz2piqx85.png for your compliments and your good wishes my dear 😉

I love your new banner Barbara. It's true what you say. When we enjoy the creation process, it doesn't always matter what others will think about our work. At the same time when we put joy and love and colour into what we create, others will tend to think really positively about it too.

I've got a little bit of catching up to do once again and need to find out about Creative Coins now. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Your posts HAVE to be posted in #creativecoin indeed ! ^_^ They would perfectly fit the aim of the group of course, and they could be also curated with CCC, that you can stake and then having some weight to upvote other creative posts...that is very sweet for creative people to have this tribe my dear 😉
Thank you for your lovely comment and a72hag5snh.png ! ❤️

I love your work you do here!
Would you mind if I use the creativecoin banner in my own post?
I'll link it to your side :)

This one is free to be used, thanks to @derangedvisions contest 😊
It's a pleasure to see it be used, i'm glad you like it 😉

qrz2piqx85.pngfor your appreciation

Wonderful banner! I am curating ccc and pal from my @melshadow account.

What a good idea my dear ;-) As you may have read in this post, I use the good old Luigi for this creative task of CCC curation and he loves it ! 😄

I'm still stumbling around a bit trying to get my token curation the way I want it to be, but it is fun being able to give out token votes!

OMG! I love it! I was just thinking I need to send you an email about the book! 😊

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Thanks for your appreciation @cindyhartz ! 😉
And I look forward to read your email 😊

The banner looks amazing Barbara:) So nice to see you join the contest with your unique creations:)

771uah8k4y.png @georgeboya, this is so nice of you ! 😊

Love these!

Curated by @adsup a division of @adsactly

How very nice of you !
lvfi20x4gc.png very much @adsup ! 😊

Absolutely beautiful artwork, creative banners and just wow!

I am so happy you love them @whatsup ! ^_^ 1i5vadgjkv.png Thank you much for your comment ! 😉

The aliens really work well for ambassadors to the creative tribe! You do such nice work.

vzho2ceyg5.png Aww thanks much @litesplacher ! ^_^

Truly inspirational artwork @barbara-orenya. LOVE this awesome banner. Good luck with the competition. (U & R )

Thank you much my dear Trudee, for your support and good wishes !

You're very welcome dear Barbara. 🌷 🌼 🌷

hey @barbara-orenya

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