Project model railway #46 - Happy Halloween

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The dead are rising in Klein Waldberg.
Well, not really, net yet, but Villa Grimmstein seems to be active again.

A quick look behind the scenes reveil the fog generation.
It is basically a little pan with an heating component. The smoke oil is beeing poured into it and after few seconds the smoke is rising. (16V current)

a few milliliters are enough

A few seconds later, smoke everywhere

putting the roof back on and we have this neat fog that seems to crawl down the walls

An added flashing red light gives the overall scene a more fearsome look.
Nobody of Klein Waldberg was ever brave enough to visit this mansion.

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Amazing work. It's incredible to see the amount of detail you put into your models. 👏

Wahoo impressive railway model (I have 45 posts to see), especially with this ghost house. Thanks for sharing your photos about this railway. (and thanks @trincowski for the resteem).
@tipu curate

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I am glad you like it. Have fun catching up with the posts :)

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Yeah and in addition, a lot of details everywhere. Impressive job...

Happy Halloween Klein Waldberg! I love the little cobwebs in the windows of Villa Grimmstein.

I guess the pumpkins are pretty small, but maybe you could take one and paint a face on it? To make it look like a carved pumpkin?

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cute <3
Thanks for the picture!

Hi wirago,

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Thank you so much :)

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damn it, no joke here! dear @wirago, your rail model is fantastic and it is incredible that you have even thought of putting a ghost house for the halloween period !! how much detail, how much care and love in this work :-)) keep on and congratulations on your curie rating

Hello Hello!

The best project I've seen, the best model and I feel that all my work is disgusting compared to yours hahahaa

Greetings from Venezuela!

wow wow super creative, super beautiful and with many details. Could you tell me how much space it occupies? Congratulations. A big hello @wirago

The whole setup is 2.2x2.3 meters in size.

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Thanks for answering my curiosity. Really great model!

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