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Everyone is getting involved!

Since we just opened our online store at the Homesteaders Co-op, Red-Pepper decided she'd get involved.

Handmade by our seven year old “Red-Pepper” (our second oldest daughter) this hair scrunchie starts with a normal hair band that is then crocheted onto with fun rainbow colored yarn.

For her, making these ruffled hair scrunchies with yarn and a crochet hook has become a new hobby. Crafted around an elastic hair band, these are a fun way to add some colorful fashion to your hair. Even though such a young child has made these, we make sure that she’s done a high-quality job prior to offering them.

Visit the Pepper Family Homestead Store here!


This amazing @little-peppers logo was generously provided by @rigaronib.

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If I had hair I would buy one. Good job Red-Pepper.

That's just awesome. Red Pepper you rock!

I wish my wife hadn't cut my ponytail off now.

hmm.... maybe I should grow it back. What do you think?

Great job, Red-Pepper! Wish you many sales :)

Beautiful scrunchies Red-Pepper! You are such a creative young lady. I hope you make many sales!

OOOH! I WANT ONE! How much is it? List it for sale on the homesteaders coop and I will buy it using Steem.

WOW Red Pepper!!!! Go Girl 🌈🌈🌈🌈 These are do pretty and so nicely made - I am sure you can sell any number! My only regret is that I don’t live in the states otherwise I would be buying various lovely things from the Peppers Shop 😍❤️😍❤️😍