Oil painting. Lemons on the table. Draw with me!)

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Hello, Steemit!
If you do not know me yet - my name is Irina and I'm an artist from Russia. I will be glad to find new friends).

Today I will show the process of drawing with oil paints. The composition on my picture is very simple - I decided to paint juicy lemons on a wooden table. For the drawing, I used a primed canvas on cardboard, oil paints «Master-class» and «Ladoga», synthetic brushes (number five and number two), a bristle brush ( number ten).

First, I drew the contours with a pencil. It is better to choose hard pencil, because soft pencils leave too greasy lines and dirty the canvas.

Then I started to draw the background. For this I use ocher, umber, brown colors and purple for shadows. The paint was applied with a wide bristle brush, which leaves on the canvas lines imitating the texture of the tree.

With the same wide bristle brush I covered the central objects of the drawing with the primary colors. I mixed yellow paint with the red for drawing the lemons. Also painted the leaves with emerald green in a mixture with blue cobalt. As already understood, the subbase (the first layer) of the picture is dark, and the lighter shades (including glare) will be applied at subsequent stages..

Then I took a small synthetic brush and imitated the friability of the lemon peel with light and dark tones. For light tones I used «cadmium lemon» paint, for dark tones – «english red» paint and «ultramarine violet».

In the same way I painted the texture on the other lemons. I tried to draw lemons differently, to make the picture does not seem boring and monotonous. Each lemon has its own "character", transmitted by color, saturation, the location of shadows, features.

At the first session, the paint does not lie tightly, the picture seems a little pale and inaccurate. Therefore, as soon as all the items in the picture are more or less outlined, I leave the picture a little dry until the next day.

At the next session I could make the «finishing strokes». Once again I prescribed a texture of lemons. I drew the glare on the fruits with «titanic white» paint, especially on the most lighted areas. I prescribed the texture of the table. Mixed brown paint with blue cobalt and drew bands and curls that imitate natural "patterns" of wood. Also I painted light lines, mixing ocher with white paint. Finally, I prescribed leaflets of lemon lying on the edge of the table. Light sections of the leaves composed of a mixture of «cadmium lemon» with «emerald green» paint, dark - a mixture of «cadmium blue» and «purple ultramarine».

And now my picture is ready. When it l completely dry (about 4-5 days), it can be covered with a thin layer of damn varnish for shine and brightness.

Thank you for your attention! If you like my post, please subscribe.

I apologize for my mistakes in the text. Unfortunately, my English is not perfect.

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Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this matter.


Thanks for your help!


You're welcome. Just wanted to let you know we added you to our verified list with your golos account. If this happens again we'll know that account is yours.

You have really great art and are valuable to this platform. Keep it up, and please post more paintings.


thank you!)

Hello @kleonella! your art is amazing! All your works have captivated me, You have an incredible talent! keep it up


thank you!)

Beautiful painting Irina, and welcome! Keep posting your great art!


thank you!!)

Another incredible drawing! Keep it up