The sensory processing sensivity (part II)

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(3). A.- Strong emotionality
Another characteristic of this psychological predisposition is the intensity with which people with high sensitivity experience any type of alteration related to their own emotional environment or that of another person with whom they interact, especially if it affects a friend, family member or other person. dear close.

Being very empathetic people, they are able to put themselves in the place of the other at all times, they can perceive small emotional changes in the other person and they experience any type of emotion more intensely (both positive and negative).


(4). B.- Willingness to seek calm and solitude
It is relatively common for social situations that others find normal to generate anxiety and stress due to the amount of information they receive, especially if they are in a place where there are many people around them.

In addition to that, these people have a harder time concentrating when in the company of others, which is why they generally prefer to work alone. However, this does not necessarily imply that they tend to be shy, since in this case what is characteristic is the fear of looking bad in front of others, not sensitivity to emotions and stimuli.

You may be interested to know that in addition to all the:

(5). C.- Tendency to saturation
This is due to the torrent of information and sensations that they receive daily through their environment and also to the intensity with which they experience these sensations or emotions. This can lead to trouble concentrating, as well as anxiety.

(6). D.- Ease of artistic expression
There are studies that suggest a probable greater predisposition to art and crafts on the part of highly sensitive people. This fits with the idea that these are individuals of a sensitive, creative, contemplative and strongly emotional nature, which would make art a field in which they feel comfortable and in which they can express everything they feel according to their own rhythms and norms.

In the same way, creative and artistic professions require a solitude and a recollection that is ideal for people with high sensitivity.


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