DTUBERS STORY Episode 3 is ready !

in creative •  19 days ago


The episode will be tomorrow!

Now i making a 4th episode for thursday !

You can see on my episodes :

@tibfox @prettynicevideo @snook @theycallmedan @mvd @freedompoint @dmilliz @romafedorov
and many others in the next episodes !



Thanks to you people for all Comments ! This is so motivating ! THANK YOU !

Peace People !

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HAHAAH some smart marketing here bro. I am intrigued seeing my pic in this. Got me anticipating the episode. Very creative man:)


This is so fun to do a movie with you :D about marketing on this episode I using little of your music but I will add a link to your channels and your music so I think that is good for you. Btw nice music . Really

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Olala I waiting😀

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