My new office at The Flying ReindeersteemCreated with Sketch.

in creative •  10 months ago

Still much to fix, but it's getting there.. so here's a sneak peak of part of my office/event space.



I must add that I have dreamed of running a place like this for many years and now here I am with my own creative collective :) Dreams do come true!

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What?! That looks amazing! When should I visit? Will there be a grand opening?? ;) . Or, did you join an existing collective? I'm unsure from your description. Is this in Skellefteå?


Haha! Thanks, you are welcome whenever you feel like it :) There will be a grand opening party at some point in the future, so you will receive an invite :) Yes it's in Skellefteå. We are three local companies​ that have started it, so it will be used as an ​office for us and the big space is for arranging​ culture events, circus school and to rent it out as event space.