A Street Stalker Story

in creative •  2 years ago  (edited)

"Maam please give me your number!" This guy ran up to me. I got scared as I was walking alone along the roadside. So I just pretended to ignore him and walked away as fast as I can. But looked like he was not gonna give me up easily. He was still following me and keeping up with my pace.

"Oh Man... what does he want!", I was thinking. I started to get nervous and my heart was beating very fast. In that instance, I experienced panic attacked so I started to run. And then he yelled, "I AM FROM THAT WORKSHOP WHERE YOU LEFT YOUR CAR JUST NOW!" I stopped and turned my head.

And then my memories returned and I can't help myself to laugh out loud while I show my hand signal to him telling him to wait a minute. I laughed till my tears rolled down my cheek thinking of my silliness. I told him, "I am getting really old and forgetful please don't mind me." That workshop guy just stares at me. I think he must think I am a crazy woman or what.

Just a few minutes before, I had left my car at that workshop for repair and walked out from there and I totally have forgotten, because I was busy thinking of many other things while walking.

Muahaha that's the story of the day. Hope you enjoy it. Am so embarrass until today, heheheh.


Image by Nur Athirah Ahmad Azizi, University Kuala Lumpur

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Lol hilarious ...nicepost

Heheh glad you like it😂😂

Ha ha! And I thought I had a memory problem! :)

Muahahah... and can you imagine my embarrassment as I have to send my car there for service and all. My top secret revealed today 😂😂

LOL! :)

I'm lucky I was the 100th Upvote! Nice.

Oh yes what a lucky number isn't it. Thanks for the upvote :)

You made me laugh)) it Happens))

Hehehe... I really hope so there is someone with the same story. I cannot face that workshop guy till today. Omg what a super silliness that I have done 😂😂

This is a good work my friend, thank you friends have shared.

Thank you also to you @jasonmunapasee for visiting my page, glad you like it 😊

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