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#Wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay

My Wednesday walk took place yesterday. I was able to accomplish my work for the day earlier than I anticipated so I decided to drive down by the river and take a few pictures.

Pokeweed berries
Most everything I've read about pokeweed says all parts of it are poisonous. I have also read the new leaves in the Springtime are edible.

A little glimpse of the river from the road. After a couple of significant rain storms the river is rising and starting to move swiftly again.

Orange oak leaves
The town put a small section of fencing up a couple of years ago to discourage people from walking/falling down a steep unstable embankment near the bridge.
I'm not crazy about the industrial look but I understand safety is most important.

Yellow maple leaves

I have absolutely no idea what these berries or perhaps seed pods are. I took a picture so I can look them up and hopefully identify them.
I spotted this cute Wooly bear caterpillar on the ground right next to my truck. I did move it to a safer location. It was in very high risk of being either stepped on or ran over.

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@annephilbrick I would have never thought of poke growing up north, it must be very hardy. You can eat it but you have to boil it, I forget for how long, then you pour all water off and boil it again. I wish I would have paid closer attention when Granny cooked it but I do know she repeated boiling and dumping water at least 3 times maybe more. There should be a website that tells you how to prepare it. She also did something with the roots, but again I do not remember what it was.

😊 !!
I have read and heard there is a way/method of cooking poke so that it edible. I would be more confident in eating it if I was taught.
Only in the past 5-6 years have I started seeing it. I research it and was surprised. I don't see much of it my travels. I also read it's invasive.

@annephilbrick I have it here at my house and I would not call it invasive because I do not have much of it. Granny would cook it to help with stomach problems, I do remember that. The trick is in the boiling and dumping the water off several times. I am still amazed they can handle the cold temps that you have.

It does grow way up north and in southern Canada.
Hardy stuff that pokeweed is....🤗..!!
The plant itself dies back like all perennials do here. It comes back in the Spring.

@annephilbrick so amazing, I thought it was only here.

Love ally he warm colors and natural beauty you shared with us from your walk

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank You..!! @tattoodjay

Most welcome