🏆Winner of the Contest for the best title🏆. New round with prize 10 sbd +10 sbd for jury! ✌

Hello friends!

Please forgive me for the late exit. I had a difficult day today, since I had my flight from Riga to Berlin with some delay in departure. However, I arrived in Berlin and I'm fine. So we finished the next session of our contest for the best title and I'm almost ready to tell you the winner's name. But first I want to introduce a new task for your creative brains!

Today I want to consider a series of photos with the same acting character! I could not choose the best photo, so I decided to show all three shots. These shots I took on the beach, on Lake Por in Berlin. This muscular, handsome man in red is a lifesaver.
Today I want to consider a series of photos with the same acting character! I could not choose the best photo, so I decided to show all three shots. These shots I took on the beach, on Lake Por in Berlin. This muscular, handsome man in red is a beach lifeguard. When I arrived there, he was sitting on a blackboard and expressed with all his kind of willingness to save someone. This character seemed very comical to me and I think that you will be able to interpret this and come up with excellent titles for this series of images.

About the contest!

For those who joined us now, let us explain what is happening here.

This game was invented by me spontaneously for my friends. At the first stage I publish one of my original photos, which seems unusual or amusing to me, and I ask you to come up with a title for it. Anyone who wishes can offer his title in the comment field. This can be done only within 24 hours after the publication of the starting post. The next day I publish the second post with a full list of participants and their titles. The jury of the competition is the contestants themselves. The next 24 hours each participant who came up with the title must choose the best title from the list, excluding his own! They will choose the best title and will try their luck in the stimulating lottery.
The author of the best title takes the prize 10 sbd!The most lucky member of the jury also will receive 10 sbd .

I'm waiting for your title for this pics!

⚠️Be sure to click on the images to view full screen!




Terms of participation

Terms of participation are the same as in previou contest. Participate all who want. I'm not asking you to resteem and do not even insist on upvote this post! If you do this voluntarily, I will be infinitely grateful to you. Believe me, I always look at the upvote list and know everyone who supports me. The only thing that needs to be done is to become my follower to be aware of the events!
Just come up with a cool title or description and publish in the comments. Do this within 24 hours. And do not forget to come back tomorrow to make your choice.
If two titles win the same number of votes, then we will take into account the opinion of the audience.

Good luck friends!

Results of the previous contest!

I present you a list of all the jury members of the previous contest with the names of the authors to whom they gave their preference!

  1. @cheekah -@rehan12
  2. @iambrave - @pardeepkumar
  3. @josua1 - @rehan12
  4. @megafart - @serkagan
  5. @serkagan - @aleks433
  6. @jdbs - @anasuleidy
  7. @aleks433 - @serekagan
  8. @teresah - @jdbs
  9. @crypto-wisdom - @pardeepkumar
  10. @rehan12 - @cheekah
  11. @littymumma - @pardeepkumar
  12. @manishkalia - @pardeepkumar
  13. @pardeepkumar - @spiritualpower
  14. @anikearn - @cryptopie
  15. @spiritualpower - @pardeepkumar
  16. @divine-sound - @pardeepkumar
  17. @shivohum2015 - @pardeepkumar
  18. @sthitaprajna - @pardeepkumar
  19. @milaan - @pardeepkumar.
  20. @magnata - @serkagan
  21. @anasuleidy - @magnata
  22. @solangeh - @rvag5
  23. @elider11 - @sughey
  24. @lacl - @solangeh

9 judges out of 24 cast their vote to @pardeepkumar with title

🏆If my friend is with me, then what kind of difficult.🏆

Congratulations my friend!👏👏👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉🎉

💲I send him 10 sbd💲


⚠️ Well, it's time to draw a prize for the jury! List of jury members with the assigned numbers you can see on the screen. After four hours I will return with the next post where I will announce results of lottery.

By Happy! I'll be back very soon. See you!


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Do I have to quote a single title for all the three images or three different titles I have to ...please answer.



I believe that the title should be one for all images! But if you think otherwise - I will not object. 😚😙😗😘😍😍

I have a suggestion for your contest . This voting system is not good . Choose the winner by lottery system . Plz choose 5 winner by lottery system . Give 5 sbd to 1 st number winner , 4 sbd to 2nd , 3 sbd to 3rd, 2sbd to 4th, 1 sbd to 5th and also give some part of sbd to all participants .


Thank you dear for offer! I do not mind changing the terms! But I believe that it will be better to know the opinion of other participants and I will ask all participants about it in the next post today.


Thanks dear 😍😍

The important thing is that you are here friend. Congratulations to the winner and I hope to win in the lottery.
my title would be
"I saved myself from working"


It's absolutely accurate and so brilliant! 😍😍😍😘😗😙😚🤗🤗

Congratulation to the winner. My today entry

I wanted to go to a place where rivers and forests could be lost in me

It's nice that the contest continues. That's my name. "I have not saved anyone so long that I have become fat"

My name on this photo. Savior is a person who risks his life for another

Great, I like these contests, congrats to the winner btw. ;-)

By your newest pic the red clothes in combination with the water let me thought to Baywatch, so I decided to change this title a little bit.

The result and my title for the pic is:Seawatch

My submission...

Start sailing to know the depth

Thank you...steem on and stay blissful.....

So here is my title.."Being an observer, brings clarity"

My entry
Lost in the world of sailor

I feel that this is a good and cool contest in steem blockchain. I will continue trying my luck in this contest.
So my title for this would be............

Someone is waiting for me.

My title for this contest - Life is not so easy, always be ready for challenges .

'' I'm qualified for a Dream Job! ''

Hello my best friend @creadordelfuturo How are you? Beautiful post.and very wonderful gaming information.

Congratulations to the winner!
I'll keep trying, this time as the character is a lifesaver: "Sitting at work hoping not to work"

Congratulations to the winners... My entry the winner is:

Oh no, this is out of service.

I hope your trip has been the desired, now you must return to your daily life.

Thanks to all 9 friends, who voted for my title .

My title for this contest "I love adventures and always enjoy it"

My Title:-

Nature's gateway

Great full post my best friend.my favourite play is football.your post is very important
Thanks for sharing your beautiful life.

This is my title for this contest "I started my travel , I will also reach the destination."

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Excellent post....and...... Awesome photography, really, I love your photo ...my dear friend

Hello friend, I am new to the community and your contest caught my attention ... thinking about a title that came to my mind: contemplate the beautiful natural view!

"The lifeguard that saves your tranquility."
It's my title.

Interesting contest. I was not steemiting these days but because of this contest I started steemiting again.

Title ---- I am absolutely alone at my innermost core.


My title is


My entry in to the contest.

I am the captain of my own life.

Thank you, Hope this time I win.

Really feeling great to know that you landed safe and sound :)

While congrats buddy @pardeepkumar

this sure does sounds cool and great images ;)

While as for this title I shall go with

"Hey anybody needs Saving, I am here !"

If someone needs a life preserver, let me know!
Si alguien necesita un salvavidas, me avisan!!

Excellent photo, my friend and you are right, this lifeguard looks very comical, that's why my name for the photo "I want a cold beer, but I have to sit and sit"

I love your contest, my entry is- I am the master of my sea of ​​tranquility.

Beautiful photos from the beach and I'll call them "I'm here and always near"

Hello Friend! Congratulations to the winners, I hope to feel the excitement of winning soon, this is my ticket

I am the captain in these calm waters. I'm not resting, I just watch.

Good luck for all of you.

In the middle of nowhere

thanks for this great contest my title is: "My result of photos goals"

I'm here to help you if you need to save your life

My entrance
Here is a lifesaver on a board submerged in nature, vigilant that pretends to rest