📣Competition for the best title for the photo! I raise the rate and ask for help!💲

Hello friends!

A day passed since my publication of the tree Tuesday with an appeal to give a title for this photo.


I promised to give 5 sbd for the best title. But I was confronted with certain ethical problems. I realized that I do not have the right to choose the best. My opinion is subjective. Steemit is a decentralized social network and the competitions here should be decentralized.
So I took two decisions. So, 20 friends took part in the competition. A list of friends and titles that they offered, below.

First, I want to ask everyone who took part in the contest, choose the title that he likes most, but excluding his own title. The title, which will get the most votes, will win the prize!

Secondly, I increase the winnings twice, because I did not manage the task myself and thus broke my promise to name the winners today!

Thus, the prize in this contest will be 10 sbd.

In addition, I will give an upvote for each participant's comment.

  1. @serkagan "Strong desire to live"
  2. @megafart "Victory over evil"
  3. @aleks433 "The Power of Nature"
  4. @elider11 "Nobody knocks me down"
  5. @rocksg The Nature's Final Call
  6. @magnata"Contrary to all"
  7. @rehan12 Together With Nature
  8. @solangeh Filling spaces.
  9. @rvag5 The innate state of nature is always superior to any adversity !!!
  10. @lacl "The natural blanket over the artificial"
  11. @josua1" Last Tree Standing"
  12. @anasuleidy "The life is imposed"
  13. @sughey The claim!
  14. @jdbs "I am life, I am struggle. I'm an example"
  15. @nathyortiz "Nature claims"
  16. @luzanais "Fighting for life over adversity"
  17. @cryptopie "Cryptopie's Struggles Against The Forces Of Time An Nature"
  18. @criptoar "La naturaleza se abre camino"
  19. @teresah "The right balance to live"
  20. @danyj "struggle for survival"

Tomorrow at the same time, I will publish the final post with the name of the winner and send the winnings to his wallet.

Be happy! I'll be back very soon. See you!


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Great and amazing article my dear sis @creadordelfuturo!
When you will come India?

Hello my dear friend @creadordelfuturo
I do not know how to use your name as my post tag.


You can just write "creadordelfuturo" in the tag field. 😍😘😗😙🤗🤗

Hello Friend! Since I can not vote for myself, I'm going to choose number 10.

I like the right balance to live from @teresah. Well, we all have the right to live on Mother Earth.

I will stick with no. 20

i choose is No:1 @serkagan "Strong desire to live"
very match with your photograph.

I like # 10

hello friend @creadordelfuturo, great news for the participants, I like the title of the friend @lacl, "the natural blanket on the artificial"

Hello friend how are you hoping to be so nice how big a big iron tree has surely grown up in a tree.The tree is very difficult to bear this iron part, actually the tree has suffered a lot, how beautiful a tree is

I'll take # 10, luck to all the participants!

Hello sir How are you?Wow congratulations dear for win the competition! Really wonderful capture as usual, lovely photographs. I like it your great full to. thank you so much sir

Hi my friend, i think "Strong desire to live" is the best title for the photo.

Yeah it was fun to participate :)

While it is really hard to choose the best

While I will go for no 5 The "Nature's Final Call"

hello,,my dear friend @creadordelfuturo i am really excited to seen your post.. its very good thought of you and i am knowing to congratulate for every winers.. you capturing very properly this photographs,lovely shots click dear..thanks to sharing for your great thought..my dear friend.. @creadordelfuturo

Pleasant news about increasing the prize. But it's really hard to choose a winner. I'm more inclined to the name @serkagan "Strong desire to live." Just to live is not enough, it is necessary that there would be a desire to live, and not exist.

Hello Friend! Happy that you have raised the prize pot, I will remain with the @lacl option because it is deep and meaningful.

Great news @creadordelfuturo and I like the name of the photo of the @serkagan member, I give my vote to him.

Great! since I can not vote for my support of the friend @danyj

¡¡Hello Friend!!
I'm left with the title of the friend @lacl #10, I like the stylized of his sentence.

Hello @creadordelfuturo, my vote nro.18 "La naturaleza se abre camino"

@serkagan "Strong desire to live."
Like humans, everyone experiences setbacks and pains. The desire to lice inspires us to stand up and create miracles!

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