My new polymer clay earrings

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Ive been busy making so many new and cute little #polymerclay #animals for my #jewelry. Sorry this isnt a #diy ill try and do more with different creations 🤗.

Here is a link to my online store if you would like to shop with me. Http://
I can ship outside the USA but shipping is $15 USD and we will have to message on discord the info💖.

Without further ado lets start with what ive been up to 😘.

Here are the leopard earrings i made last night . They are 100% #handpainted . And these are the first ones ive ever made so far .


Next is my #angel #elephants . Ive done about 6 different colors so far and they have been a hit with my coworkers 🐘💙💕.



Well ill be back with more #crafts soon 💜. Im off to create 💋.

#aloha for all your #support and #love


#artzone #beautiful #handmade #handmade #art #angelwings #sliver #earrings #ccc #mspsteem #pifc #special #elephant #leopard #bigcats #cats

Link to learn more about the ccc tag

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I am following??

CUTE! I hope these all sell.


Thank u me too 🤗

Wow. They look cute

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So sweet and are they heavy to wear ?


No they are comfortable. Whhahahahahahaha
I prefer the turtles earrings


No not at all polymer clay is very light

I don’t ware earrings but I must say that a pirate 🏴‍☠️ earring might work on a boat along with a parrot 🦜 lurched on the shoulder

You do some nice work and I am glad to see you showing them here. :)

so cute earning.. i wish i could have one to wear it....

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They absolutely look gorgeous!