Ventilators, ventilators, who's got a Ventilator?

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During this current COVID19 pandemic outbreak, it seems that the most often asked question or request from state governors and other medical professionals, is that we need ventilators and we need lots of them. We don’t need just a few or a handful of ventilators, we’re desperate and we need lots of them.

The pandemic has also had us learn about things we didn’t even know existed. Did you know prior to 2020 that there was a Strategic National Stockpile of ventilators? States and Tribal Nations can request ventilators from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the case of an immediate crisis.

What states requested ventilators? This will not be an exhaustive list but will give you a feel for the requests.

Colorado - requested 10,000 and received 100.
Massachusets - requested 1,700 and received 1,000.
Georgia - requested 250 and received 150.
Maryland - requested 200 and received 138.
New York - requested 30,000 and received…?

Here in Wisconsin, Governor Evers wanted to purchase 10,000 ventilators along with additional personal protective equipment for medical responders at the end of March. According to the Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA) of the 133 hospitals statewide there are 1,296 ventilators available with 321 COVID19 patients on ventilators. This shows that of the 5,687 identified COVID19 cases in the state 5.64% of the cases have needed ventilators. Of the identified 5,687 COVID19 cases in Wisconsin, it shows a 0.1% of the population of the state has the virus.

Drilling down to the county where I live, again according to the WHA, we have 0.20 cases of COVID19 per thousand residents of the county giving us 3 COVID19 cases in the county. This means 0.02% of the county population has been infected with COVID19. And those cases were over a month ago with the last case being reported on March 31, 2020. Therefore following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines our county is well beyond the 14 days recommended for self-isolation.

If we are to be following the science and numbers, we should begin to see area businesses opening and our economy beginning to become vibrant again. Seeing as Governor Evers has Wisconsin under his #saferathome order until May 26, 2020, he and those advising him don’t appear to be following the science or county data.