US falls into third world league for COVID performance.

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When we had our first outbreak and lockdowns, it was 24 days from the start of the rise to the peak.

This time, with all we've learned, we're 31 days into the rise, with no sign of slowing. We're generally not locking down.

We are not taking this seriously enough. TX, FL and AZ may be peaking, but so many other states are rushing to catch up.


The national death rate is still being hidden by decreases in the northeast, they've cut their death rate in half over the last two weeks. Again.

Arizona and Florida death rates have doubled in the last two weeks; Texas has tripled. Many, many states are running a week or two behind these leaders.

If our national case count flattens soon, we'll still remain well below our April death counts (younger crowd and better treatments), but we could be heading into an extended period of more than a thousand deaths per day.


Our case rate is now 20x higher than Europe's, with less intensive testing. (The true ratio is much worse.) Our death rate is 12 higher. It's doing "better" than cases because death reporting lags the case increase by several weeks; expect that 12x ratio to keep rising.

Compared to the EU, the US had:

  • Longer lead time
  • Larger biotech industry
  • Stronger university research
  • Former best-in-world disease control org
  • Higher income per capita

We should be doing as well as New Zealand or Korea, but we've fallen into the third world league. So shameful, and so tragic.


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