Moderna's vaccine posts positive results, but bad news are aplenty.

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Good news, bad news. In a very small clinical trial, all 45 patients who volunteered to test Moderna's vaccine developed antibodies. This does not mean it actually works or is safe, as 100% of new formulations decrease in efficacy and increase in side effects after clinical trials that are much larger than this, but it may mean that vaccination will be possible this year.

Now for the bad news: all data collection for COVID19 in the US will now by-pass the CDC and go directly to the HHS which is totally controlled by Trump's pro-business stooges.

The other bad news, is that this is a sinister Frankenstein RNA vaccine which almost certainly contains heavy metal nano-particles and is now one step closer to mandatory participation. The fact that the corrupt CDC is cut out of the loop could be good news if the data is going to be analysed properly. After all the CDC is not an impartial agency solely concerned with public health.

Concerning my fears of the new vaccine containing mysterious nano-particles you should understand that heavy metal Nano-particulates incorporating emulsifiers are capable of penetrating the blood brain barrier and present great risk of neurological damage.

"In 2017, Italian researchers reviewed the ingredients of 44 types of so-called "vaccines." They discovered heavy metal debris and biological contamination in every human vaccine they tested. The researchers stated, "The quantity of foreign bodies detected and, in some cases, their unusual chemical compositions baffled us."

They then drew the obvious conclusion, namely, that because the micro- and nanocontaminants were "neither biocompatible nor biodegradable," they were "biopersistent" and could cause inflammatory effects right away—or later".

What makes you think “The Emperor’s New Vaccine” will be any different. Wake up chaps, Father Christmas does not exist but there are plenty of Big Bad Wolves out there.


A bad vaccine is a s worse as the disease being aimed for the control. Not really looting for the US vaccine bit the big guy, Puttni seems to be making huge progress at far much efforts than thought if.

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