Give me liberty or give me COVID-19!

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The shocking thing about the reaction to COVID-19 is not the fascistic reaction of the government, it's the fascistic reaction of the people. Never in my life has it been so clear why facism happens. We're afraid of the dark and we're afraid to die and we want somebody to tell us how to stay alive, in the light, as long as possible. We want to be children again.

There are only seven states in the USA legally requiring masks. There are no data to show that that's reducing infection; but, I've got dozens of friends supporting a legal mandate nation wide. How many of you just stayed silent when the Mississippi drive-in church goers got fined $500? How many people are scoffing at us who voice credible concern of famine due to lockdown because you're afraid of the 1.6% possibly that a relatively young and healthy person, who does become infected, will die from this? How many of you think that the state of Arizona is too lax and we should all react like New York City, with blatant anti-Semitism and fascism?

There's a way to be scared and be safe without giving up freedom: it's called "being smart." I mean, Jesus Christ, most of the suggestions that are being given about not transmitting the virus are things that your mom has been telling you to do since you were five. Do we really need to give up our freedoms over this? Or, can we trust people to generally follow certain suggestions?

Finally, Patrick Henry did say, "Give me liberty or give me death." I stand by those words. I don't want to die yet; but, if I have to, I want to die free. If you're going to adjust Patrick Henry's words to, "Give me liberty so long as I feel safe." you're a fascist, because part of being an adult is not feeling safe and dealing with it yourself. It's the fascist who wants the government to step in whenever he or she is scared of something.

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