Debunking anti-Vaxxer claims about spike proteins and the vaccines.

in #covidlast month

Dr. David Gorski with a good explanation of why the new anti vaxxer claims about the spike protein and the vaccines are bunk.

The short version of the debunking:

  1. the vaccines are very localized to the muscle they are injected into. They won't achieve levels in circulation anywhere close to the huge levels used in the study or a coronavirus infection.
  2. the mRNA in the vaccines doesn't persist for very long, unlike the virus which will continue to replicate and infect cells systemically.
  3. the spike protein of the mRNA vaccines exists as only a single protein and not a crown like the virus spike protein, and is modified to a stabilized prefusion form to enhance antibody response. Furthermore the spike protein of the vaccines gets degraded by proteasome within the cell after translation such that it won't present like the virus' whole spike protein unit.

In fact the antibody response generated by the vaccines will be protective against the concern demonstrated in the study as the antibodies will prevent infection and inhibit the endothelial injury from the virus' spike protein.

It must be unfortunate to be a scientist whose work is co-opted by anti-vaxxers to spread misinformation.

Looking at the study itself you can note they mentioned the vaccines being protective in the paper, which the press release failed to mention. But of course anti vaxxers don't read the studies they use to fearmonger.