Today I rant about covid rules (again)

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How is it that Walmart #PortElgin is only allowed 150 customers in the :::entire::: store (which they must count), and yet No Frills in #Kincardine had 20+ customers crammed in the Produce/Bakery section alone (and no visible distancing or counter person)? Isn't No Frills a "local store" don't they care about their community?

I've heard a couple people saying bad things about the drive-thru tray that Tim Hortons hands you your food on at their locations, like Highway 21 #Kincardine.

Personally I think they are great. It's inconvenient trying to take a hot cup of coffee from someone else especially through two windows. I wish all of the #TimHortons used that drive-thru serving tray. If and when this covid nonsense ends I hope they keep using the tray.

I find it interesting that women are the most supportive of the covid measures yet seem to be the biggest violators of them.

Now don't get me wrong many men have issues with wearing masks and following the rules. But I find when it comes to social distancing women don't seem to understand their rules.

For example today at No Frills #Kincardine. A woman was ahead of me in line, she has her stuff rung through and she started to bag it. I remained at the line near the belt where I am supposed to stand until called.

The female cashier cleaned the belt while we waited for the customer to bag her groceries before calling me up to the till.

After ringing my groceries through and starting to bag them the next customer in line had already started filling the belt and she was getting ready to bring her up. I was still bagging my groceries.

Neither time did the cashier wipe down the debit machine like we are required to do at Walmart for every transaction.


The other day I was in line probably about 3 weeks ago at Canadian Tire, Kincardine (I see a trend here). As I was paying for my transaction the people behind me another woman and her daughter we're already standing forward into the checkout. I made the comment to the cashier "so much for social distancing" and she told them to step back.

I know some people make this thing about race, but in all cases all of the women involved were white women.

Now like I said, men are violators as well. I'm not saying they're any better, men tend to be more aggressive when they're corrected on things. I think men don't like following rules that don't make any logical common sense.

To get a man to follow the rules, a real man, the rule has to make sense. To get a woman to follow the rules all you have to do is threaten the overall health or safety of their children or their parents and they'll comply.