Losing interest

in #covidlast year (edited)

you've been losing me for quite a while now , between the looting rights movement, the right to infect and CHOP (and probably oodles i missed)

but in the place that's hit worst, people are losing interest

it's exaggerated ?

if you come knocking with some jarheads and a pack of drones down here to fix up your holes later please don't be surprised if the reaction is slightly exaggerated


yes, but there IS nothing good to say

they also passed the EARNIT-act on yow-ass while you were busy burning wendies ...

what's an EARNIT-act ?

myeah ... my point exactly

I can see how it's confusing , on one side don secretary don Scalia is pleasantly surprised by the economic recovery while at the same time Texas and Florida get new record heights ... Houston is "concerned" about hospital capacity.

So how does that combine ... i can see how that can be confusing and frankly my dear

when it comes to homo sapiens i tend to not give a damn BUT , since we're talking U.S.A. here, and i feel for all your loss but i get the impression i feel more than most of you yourself (why else would you not live TO it instead of ignore it?) . My main concern IS, as i have stated several times by now : the fallout and collateral damage that , for some reason, always seems to ripple out (especially in oldworld places like here and its surrounding powers that be) , its still somewhat rumbling from the last time, that one is not over yet

and this one ?

i have a VAST imagination, quite the capacity , but one thing i can not imagine is the leaders of the free world accepting humanitarian aid ...

un-thinkable , right ?

So .. .it DOES worry me and i wonder why it doesn't worry our proverbial great leaders overhere since it usually comes down to :"WE NEED THIS NOW , and you ? well watchu gonna DO ?"

doesn't it ...

and its already on the slide here, it has been since i was a kid i have hear nothing since "its going downward"


downward (you wonder what the bottomline is after a while and then you realize : they got SO high in the 60s it takes quite some time to hit rock bottom AND looking from that perspective even the 80s were a disaster)