City Called To Me

in #covid2 months ago

Apartment gave me cabin fever. I could feel it infecting every cell in my body. My claustrophobia was at a tipping point. I would have exploded if I didn’t flee the apartment. And the city was calling.

So two days ago I got on the subway for the first time in months. I didn’t know what to expect. Covid has dominated everything in our lives. I figured the train would be tense with Covid paranoia. Turns out it wasn’t. Most people did wear masks but they didn’t act any different. They just kept to themselves as usual. I did the same with music in my headphones.

Eventually I reached Manhattan and got off in Union Square. Finally I had gotten back to my favorite haunt. The subway station was crowded as usual with people going every which way. Felt like the city was really opening up even if Covid is still infecting us.

The city looked and felt the same. The world might be ending but the city hadn’t stopped. Covid is our monster for now but we got to live our lives whatever may come. Wear a mask and social distance. Keep that human resilience when the darkness seems like it will last forever.

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