The social media gods will delete this Project Veritas video, spread it far and wide

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Once we are allowed only certain information, we may as well not have any information at all. If the government, working together with the masters of the internet delete anything that they deem doesn't agree with what they want you to think, we no longer live in any semblance of a free world.

Project Veritas has released a new video that is a series of videos that is uncovering what is going on in hospitals and at administrative levels in regards to Covid vaccines. This is not a wild conspiracy theory something or other, it is not a Fox News hit piece to make a politician look bad, this is people who actually work in this industry exposing what is really going on as they are working.


The internet gods have already deleted this from FB and Instagram and while it hasn't happened yet, it will likely happen on YouTube next. I'm gonna try to find links to other platforms that are less likely to get deleted.

Here's the YouTube one and you can see after only being online for a little while it has already gotten more views than Big Brother probably wants it to


Here's the link to Odysee, which I still can't understand why more people don't use. At the moment it only has just over 2000 views. Seriously guys, stop using YT and introduce something else into your lives. That's how we get rid of the censorship, take their control away!

The preview window wont even load here, but it is the same video

Here is another source, but it might just be a YT link rather than actually hosting the vid on their own. I don't have any idea.

I don't know if this is their official gab profile or not and they just link the YT video anyway but if you have gab (which sucks just as bad as FB if we are being honest) you can find Project Veritas on Gab here


I think that this, and other videos are important. Once this vaccine issue became political, there was no way that anything logical was ever going to be done with it. All information that doesn't go along with what your masters want you to have access to is being deleted en masse. I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life. If you want to get vaccinated and think it is a good idea then do so, if you don't think it is a good idea then don't do it.

Live your life how you want to live it and provided you stay off my lawn you are in no danger of being shot by me.

In the meantime, you should be able to have access to all sides of a story and this censorship thing has already gone too far.


Why do people still insist on publishing on "censoring" platforms? They know their videos will get deleted

I wonder the same thing but I think that they are doing it knowing that it WILL get censored so they can complain about it and have the idea get more traction because of the censoring. The only problem with this approach is that it has a tendency to create more echo chambers because the people who will use alternate platforms tend to already agree with what PV is doing.

We all kind of do it. People watching "the other side" to have a complete picture are quite rare. T'm an anarchist, so I get tired of MNSBC and Fox News within a minute

I watched Biden's speech to the UN. In it, he said that all actions must be "undertaken with the informed consent of the American people."
Then he went on to say "We need to act now to get shots in arms as fast as possible". I guess informed consent is not necessary for medical experimentation on us.

Well, he's an idiot and probably doesn't remember saying any of it at all and it was written for him anyway.

I really can't imagine anyone at the UN having any sort of respect for Biden but they'll pretend to for the cameras and because they can probably take him to the cleaners in any sort of negotiation.

He said exactly what they wanted him to say. It was pure support for global tyranny based on fear.