Let's talk about the old lady who got crushed and pepper sprayed by Australian police

in #covidlast month

I don't mean this as any offense to Australians but I generally don't keep up with your news. I don't really look at news all the often because I believe it is all tainted with lies. However, a clip of an elderly woman getting knocked to the ground and the pepper sprayed in the face after she was already on the ground has gone viral and there are a lot of people complaining about the officer needs to be fired / tried for crimes etc and my response to all of this might surprise you.


Now this was pretty shocking to see and I would be extremely upset if this was someone that was related to me. I am a bit upset that such force would be used on the elderly but at the same time I am not going to jump on this bandwagon of going after the police for using excessive force.

I am not a fan of police in general and my area that i live in doesn't have very many of them because of the fact that we are basically self-governing. We have respect for our neighbors, we have a very low overall crime rate, and have a very high gun ownership rate.

From what little I know about Australia, the people of that country overwhelmingly voted in order to have a police state where the government controls everything so now that the government is using the might of their police force in order to force you to do their bidding people really shouldn't be surprised that this is the outcome. You voted for this and according to the polls a majority of Australians are in support of Covid protocols so you can't really complain when an old lady gets knocked down.


There was another video that emerged that I think is from the same place in Australia where the mob steamrolled the cops and I must have watched that a dozen times because whoever did the mashup with the music did a really good job.

here's the telegram link to the Australian mob overwhelming the police

I'm not in support of lockdowns or the police enforcing it but when you elect an authoritarian regime to be in power in your region, you don't get to complain when they start doing authoritarian things. You can protest and you can fight, but stop the whining when the government uses the tools that you voted to give them in order to stop you. You chose as a nation to neuter your ability to protect yourself from the police when you took all the guns away from everyone and now this is what you get.

Before I go off on a pro-gun rant I want to point out why it is that I do not think the coppers should face charges or that we should even feel overly bad for this grandma that got rolled at a protest.

If you see the video, grandma wasn't just out walking home from a bingo and bake sale, she was actively involved in this protest even after it started to become violent. She knew what sort of situation she was in and decided to be on the front lines of it anyway. So when you get knocked down once the punches start getting thrown, you can't cry foul because the other guys didn't check the age and physical ailment status of everyone involved before they act.

When protests go awry, this is a young, preferably male game, and if a grandma puts herself in that situation and gets in cops faces, well... if you play with fire you get your fingers burned.

This doesn't mean I am on the side of the cops here, I definitely am not. Was it out of order to pepper spray an old lady? Sure it was. But she knew what she was getting herself involved in and the cops later helped her even as she continues to shout at them.


I'm with the protestors on this one and i hope the protests get even larger and don't lose steam but I do have a hard time feeling totally sorry for a subservient population when you voted to make things this way. To quote Flava Fla from some old school Public Enemy: "you built this maze you can't get through."

I hope you will vote differently once the time comes to do that again.