Either we saves ours life or our global Economy.

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Either Lives or livelihoods? This is not a question this is both side crises for the individual, for the state and for the whole world. I don't know in which bank of the river I should anchor. Livelihood for life, on the other hand, there is no value of livelihood without life. So which is most important, Saving our life or Saving our livelihood. This is a very critical question like which first comes in the earth The Egg or The Hen?

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Now the decision is on your hand which side you will choose, but the question is there isn't it my personal decision, Not for this moment, Now this a great challenge for every person, every state and the whole world which side they will choose, or both.

#COVID-19 is writing the black chapter of Human civilization, this is not the proper time for debating, this the proper time to discuss what we should do, either we choose life or either we choice livelihood or both.

The famous Economist Avijit Bandhopadhay and Esther Duflo said that "Now the biggest problem is saving people's lives, In the near future, it will become a big problem to return to their work, The problem with next time is the return to the normal economy. What we are doing today to save lives, it has to be seen that the consequences will not be greater than the cause of loss of livelihood in the future.

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The debate must be stopped for the betterment of the world economy. The Director-General of WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Kristalina Georgieva (Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund) combinedly realize an article, the headline of this article was "Save lives or Save jobs- It's a both sided problem". The two heads of the two companies have said that both should actually continue together. For this, they urged policymakers in emerging and developing economies countries to say, The task of protecting public health and bringing people back to work has to be done at the same time, not as another option.


However, saving lives and living together will not be easy, The IMF has said that the global economy is in recession, And the longer we stay at home to save lives, the economic crisis will increase. Abhijeet Bandyopadhyay also wrote, "It is estimated that this war will last six months, maybe not too much. But the global economy will collapse. Wealthy countries will stop buying from outside, We will see a huge downturn. The stock market has collapsed. The income of the middle class has declined. After this time, buyers will buy goods with enthusiasm, less than expected.

Consumers are slow to buy when the economy is uncertain. Because, at this time, income is reduced, jobs are gone and more jobs may be lost in the days ahead - there is also the possibility that there will be jobs. People do not want to spend money in the hands of the total demand in the name of collapse. As a result, new investment is reduced, new jobs are not created. Then the recession intensified. At such a time, the main goal of restoring the economy is to keep money in the hands of the people. Different countries have already announced the creation of huge funds.


We have to do both at a time to save our global economy, We have to save our lives and we have to go outside for our livelihood. The Government of every state should increase the investment in the health sector, build up a new medical center, increase the salary and allowance of doctors and nurses, make sure the sufficient supply of medical instruments.

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To save the livelihood every government of every state should provide targeted assistance to save livelihood. These will include cash assistance, payroll subsidies, short-term work arrangements, programs for the unemployed and reducing the cost of borrowing. Again, it is important to take special measures in countries where the informal sector is large, whose livelihoods depend on daily wages. Because keeping the social distance there is a difficult task

There is no enough time to waste, there is no enough time to debate, there has no alternative choice we have to save our lives and we have to save our global economy.

Thanks for reading, I'm asking for your valuable comment.


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