What the Pfizer document really says about "Shedding" Spike Protein to Unvaccinated People

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There's a Pfizer document going around, linked here, causing alarm among alternative media circles - some of it unnecessarily. Several other bloggers have taken a crack at translating it, specifically a section about exposure during pregnancy/breastfeeding, with mixed results. Some of the conclusions flowing from this misinformation are inappropriate and potentially harmful. As an ex-nurse and longtime medical researcher, not a lawyer or doctor, I want to provide my understanding of the issue. Keep in mind, I have not verified the authenticity of the linked report myself, and I'm just going off what it contains.

Here's what the document says about it, in my own words.

In section on adverse events (side effects) during pregnancy, it says vaccine trial participants should report if:

  • they conceive during (or soon after) taking the vaccine
  • they expose a female partner around the time of her conception
  • a family member or care provider conceives around the time of exposure to the vaccine by skin contact or inhalation
  • a family member or care provider is exposed to the vaccine by skin contact or inhalation and exposes a female partner around the time of her conception

It goes on to talk about how pregnancies exposed to the vaccine will be monitored and their outcomes recorded in the safety data. That's standard stuff.

It also says that even though AEs need to be reported, any that happen outside of trial participants can't be included in the trial. (That's standard wording in this kind of document, and makes perfect sense.)

Section is about exposure during breastfeeding, which happens if:

  • a participant breastfeeds during (or soon after) taking the vaccine
  • a family member or care provider breastfeeds during (or soon after) accidental exposure to the vaccine by skin contact or inhalation

And section is about AEs as a result of occupational exposure, which is when a family member or care provider is accidentally exposed to the vaccine. One example people might be familiar with is needlestick injuries, where substance from the syringe can be transferred to the family member or care provider.


If this 2020 document is legitimate, Pfizer was asking vaccine trial participants to report unintended exposure to the vaccine. Any females who conceived during the trial, for example. Vaccinated men who expose their female partner, who then goes on to conceive, should also report. Breastfeeding during the vaccine trial was to be reported.


Once properly read and decoded, there's very little here to be alarmed about. Well, aside from the fact that these so-called "vaccines" might not be safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding, but most of us already knew that.

Some attempts at understanding this document outrageously claim it is "proof the vaccine is a kill shot". In particular, one unknown author (copied to this post) made the error of substituting "participant" in place of "study intervention". To anyone who has read a few medical journals articles or studies, such a mistake could never happen, but it's easy for the layperson to do. I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings here, just get to the bottom of the matter, and dispel any misconceptions. Study intervention refers to the vaccine, not vaccinated people. It may seem like a subtle difference, but the document reads entirely differently once you get that straightened out.

So Pfizer appears to be saying don't get pregnant or breastfeed during the trial, and if you do, let us know right away so we can follow what happens with the baby. I don't get anything nefarious from this document. Don't get me wrong, I won't be taking this product, and neither will my wife or son. I've done close to 100 articles and videos on this topic over the past 6 months, NONE of them pro-vaccine. So I'm not claiming this document is proof of safety or efficacy. I'm merely saying there's very little here to be alarmed about, once you actually read it, and sort out the jargon.

Can vaccinated people transfer something to unvaccinated people?

This is a HUGE concern right now, and I did a post about it yesterday. Tens of thousands of women (and men!) are reporting abnornal clotting, bleeding, and other symptoms after merely being NEAR people who have taken a Covid shot. And it's being censored and covered up, so that's almost confirmation this is a major issue. We know very little, but the story develops every day.

Is there anything in Pfizer's document from last year that corroborates this?

Well, maybe.

There's nothing in the breastfeeding or occupational exposure section. The only possible contender (in my opinion) is section on exposure during pregnancy. Specifically, Pfizer wanted to be notified if "a male participant who is receiving (the vaccine) exposes a female partner (just) prior to conception".

Exposes? The document doesn't define that word, but a dictionary says it means "to lay open to risk", pretty much what you'd think.

So they want to know if a man, who has recently been injected with their product, then has unprotected sex with a female, who goes on to conceive.

Are they concerned that their vaccine spreads through sexual contact? I think so.

Are they concerned it spreads other ways too, such as through breath, light contact, pheromones, and other potential routes? Maybe, but it doesn't seem that way to me. They would have wanted to be notified not just of sexual contact and conception, but of handshakes between friends, visiting a shop, walking behind someone on the sidewalk, sitting near someone on the bus, etc.

The "vaccines" are almost certainly dangerous in my opinion, but this document does not appear to be "proof they're a kill shot" or even evidence that Pfizer was concerned their product might be spread through "shedding" or transmission to unvaccinated people.

And I'm not saying that Pfizer and others aren't studying SAMs (self-amplifying mRNA) vaccines, because I believe they are. I'll leave that topic for another article, but in the meantime you can check out my friend Sam's post here.

I hope this cleared some things up! Comments and questions are welcome. Please feel free to link those who have been misled by disinfo or misunderstandings on this.