JOE BIDEN IS A CHILD MOLESTER AND GROPES WOMEN. Yet has an entire subreddit glorifying him + MSM support!!!

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The only reason people like him get away with this sick shit is because we do nothing to put pressure out there. We need women to come forward and sue Joe Biden for the groping/molesting/sexual assaults has he done on them over the years! Share this blog post to your other social media accounts and lets hold this sick person accountable.

He is a disgusting person who molests children, grabs their privates, grabs women reporters by their boobs and everything. He kisses people on the mouth and is an absolute psycho. He gives people "massages" right in front of their husbands or in front of cameras. We all know modern Feminism defines giving "work place massages" from any guy(let alone a boss giving his employee one) as straight up sexual assault. WHY HAS JOE BIDEN NEVER PAID THE PRICE. FUCK YOU JOE BIDEN!!!!!!!!!! Everybody needs to report that subreddit to the admins for glorifying Pedos and share all over social media how they glorify Biden as just being "Uncle Joe" and "Biden Bro". Yeah, these sick people think Uncle Joe can just touch anyone and "he is a democrat so he must be ok".

Videos of him being an absolute piece of shit.

He even preyed on Hillary Clinton before in front of everyone!

He kisses someone who graduated...

Kisses someone on the lips at a rally... I thought he was married huh???

Kisses Barbara Walters on the view on the lips...

Gropes this mans wife right next to him, "massages"

Analysis of his body langauge and many videos mashed up

20 minutes of clips

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