What are Country Specific Curation Accounts and how can you support them?

Country Specific Curation Accounts: created to support new content creators on Steemit.


Why Delegate to Country Specific Curation Accounts ?

Steemit Inc., has selected Country Representatives to read posts to the Diary Game and Upvote Good Content from their country written in their language.
Country Specific Curation Accounts follow the upvotes of the Country Representatives with an additional upvote.

Support Good Content

Support Country Specific Curators

Support Widely Distributing the reward pool.

What are the names of the current country specific reward accounts?













If your country isn’t on the list, you can still support a country on the list to support the Steem Community and if your interested start organizing your own country based team to recruit people to Steem or help existing members get active and produce daily dairy entrees to earn big upvotes from the #steemcurators @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 and @steemcurator03

How to support your country specific curation account

, you must utilize a two step, smart contract mediated process;

  • [ ] First Powering Up powering up your Steem to Steem Power,

  • [ ] Second Delegating your Steem Power to the account Steem-Staking.

  • [ ] Powering Up changes your Cryptocurrency from Steem to Steem Power.

  • [ ] Once your Steem is changed to SteemPower you can Delegate your SteemPower. Delegation means you loan the use of the Steem Power, but the actual Steem never leaves your account. Because your Steem is never moved, it remains under your complete control.

  • [ ] How to delegate SteemPower to your country specific curation account.

  • [ ] These are written instructions and I have a step by step picture guide after this section also.

  • [ ] 1. Power up your Steem you wish to send to your country specific account.

  • [ ] 2. Power-up Steem to Steem Power using the drop down menu you see when you click on the Steem word with the triangle next to it..

  • [ ] 3. You power up the amount of Steem you want invest to Steempower, using the wallet drop down menu.

  • [ ] 4. Use steemworld to Delegate the desired amount of your Steem Power to your country specific account.

  • [ ] SEE Picture Guide to Delegation to Steem Power BELOW

  • [ ] 5. Sign into www.steemworld.org, you do this by typing www.steemworld.org/@yoursteemitname. For example I type @steem-staking

  • [ ] 6. Then once your personal page loads, scroll down to the section called delegation.

  • [ ] 7. Click on the box Delegation

  • [ ] 8. Then a box opens and you find the box labelled who you want to delegate to and type steam-staking.

  • [ ] Be Very Careful as the spellchecker tends to change words like Steem to Steel

  • [ ] 9. Once you type steem- into the who section, fill in the how much section.

  • [ ] 10. Then click okay after selecting a whole number.

  • [ ] 11. A box will open asking for your active key. Steemchiller has built this and he is a top witness, so your keys aren't stored here after you exit.

  • [ ] 12. After adding your active key, check okay and it will complete the delegation operation.

  • [ ] 13. You can now check your Delegations, specifically outgoing Delegations and you should see steem-staking*

  • [ ] Special Alert Make sure it says steem not steel as the spell checker likes to change steem to steel and you will receive no warning. Special Alert

  • [ ] That’s it! Now relax.

  • [ ] **Picture Guide to how to delegate, please be sure to substitute your country specific account for Steem-Staking in the example.















  • [ ] 3F7C8BA8-FBD5-487B-8A86-CCFF43F63AB2.jpeg

  • [ ] 48B7C4BD-51EF-4902-B8AD-389703CD9FC7.jpeg

  • [ ] AB0567CA-DE02-4E35-9053-89DFE2E94371.jpeg

  • [ ] 8D93915E-2DEC-4C7B-A7D1-C9CB84A711B4.jpeg

  • [ ] A55F3C2B-E816-42D8-B9D8-C9DD6A93C429.jpeg

  • [ ] CAE95CC4-2C08-49E1-95CA-1263835D3ADB.jpeg

  • [ ] D08838CD-3071-4491-89D2-9D1C398C5512.jpeg

  • [ ] CC523FEE-D9C7-4AF4-9234-BD2B28B3D037.png

  • [ ] 6BA35EED-F95F-45E5-8651-8A63AD0CEFF5.jpeg

  • [ ]

That’s it!

  • [ ] E330EA8C-7C4D-4D40-99E5-DCEC8465F8DC.jpeg

Tags increase project visibility, if you have tags to suggest, please add them in the comments below.

#Sri Lanka
#New Zealand

Mentions, The purpose of mentions is to request support for the project with upvotes or delegations.

If you can provide either it is appreciated.

What are Country Specific Curation Accounts and how can you support them?


How can I call these accounts to vote on Music For Steem artists? Cause I see you cover most of them

Hi @ciska
Good question!
These accounts follow specific a Country Representative curation trail, The curation trail aspect means the account votes the same % as the Country Representative account. But they only vote for posts upvoted by those Country Representatives whose focus is primarily #thediarygame.
I don’t know if the rules of prohibit them from voting on other projects like #musicforsteem.

However I could create an Award account for music for Steem, which could then follow an account which just votes/curates #musicforSteem posts and has a curation trail.

If the account @musicforsteem creates a curation trail, I will create an award account to follow it. Then you could promote it. All curation awards go to delegators. I would delegate 1000 SP to start. What do you think?

I only got good questions :P

No they are allowed and even think endorsed to vote on other posts too.

Music For Steem has a curation trail. I think 6 people or so follow it. Havent been advertising this as much lately as I also see the benefits in users voting manually.

You are always welcome to create an award account for that!

Hello @ciska
I have created @shortsegment-mfm and it will follow MFM posts and MFM curation trail!
I delegated SP to it for now, I hope you can promote it and it can be self sustaining

What is MFM? :D But you have made the account correct like MFS so it is OK ;P

Thanks I will help promote it. Does it work the same as your country curation accounts?

Hi @musicforsteem

Sorry it’s @shortsegment-mfs
As in music-for-steem, not mfm that’s a typo.

Yes it works like the country curation accounts, it’s an automatic vote following your manual curation.
All curation earned from the account is paid to delegators to the account, unless they want to have it remained powered up to increase upvote strength of the account. Otherwise the curation is 100% to delegators.
And this follows @musicforsteem curation trail.


:) Ha Ha

Good to know.

I am glad to hear that.

Okay I will.


hi @shortsegments, been out of the loop for awhile. is there any steem voting app atm?

I don’t know if you have seen this, but the Steemleo @spidemen just published a post that we will soon start receiving TRX rewards, which we will be able to store in our Steem wallet. He thinks we will get 0.2 TRX per
the article link is here: https://steemit.com/hive-192037/@spidemen/trx-integration-with-steemit-wallet

This project is very very interesting, it is good that there are still users who do these incredible initiatives to support the community, by the way a question. Who will handle the Venezuela account? If you need help, I propose.





吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


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