Cosmos mainnet launch

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Could this be the big turning point for the crypto ecosystem? The mainnet for Cosmos (not the to be confused with COSM)

Cosmos aims to link all the disparate blockchains allowing for easy cross over (DEX, for example) and fixing the scalability and block time issues of other older chains.

It is a layer that sits on top the existing chains, so it isn't replacing any of them. It is pretty interesting that the coming Binance DEX is built upon this technology, so there is some serious trust and backing!

Anyway, no point trying to get the native ATOM tokens, they will only become tradable after the mainnet launches. Again, it will be incredibly interesting to watch what the initial price discovery is going to be like!

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Thanks for jogging my memory on this one.

Namaste, JaiChai


No worries, there are so many new and different things launching... it's hard to keep track of!

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