Losing Track Of How Many People Have Been Killed In Syria

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Billions of dollars have been spent on the continued conflict in Syria.

Billions of dollars that is ultimately coming from taxpayers. And those taxpayers are told that the endeavor is for their safety. But the conflict doesn’t make them safe and the battle to supposedly protect or uphold any security has effectively chipped away at many individual liberties over the years.

There are many activities that we engage in all the time, every day, and objects that we encounter in our everyday lives, that we should more readily fear than terrorism. The risk doesn’t warrant the considerable amount of time and resources that has been spent on warfare overseas. Especially when the agency that’s tasked with supposedly attempting to resolve the issue, has been found to be partially responsible for helping to create and fuel the problem in the first place.

The conflict in Syria has been going on now for years, to the point that many agencies have allegedly ceased their record keeping when it comes to the loss of life in the region.

According to a previous United Nations estimate, it’s suggested that more than 400,000 people have already lost their life because of this war.

Aside from the people who have been killed, there are many more families that have been destroyed. There are many that have been forced to leave their homes, as well as those who are left struggling to survive in the region; who don’t have the option to leave, and many veterans who will suffer with PTSD and a myriad of ailments because of their involvement in the fight.

Over 400,000+ people killed who had husbands, wives, children, brothers, sister, mothers, and fathers. Billions of dollars spent, without any clear or suggested exit plan. And the rulers continue to tell the people who are paying the cost out of their own pocket, that the purchase is necessary and justified.

On the news we see that there have been alleged terror attacks in a variety of regions around the world, and they’ll have us believe that we won’t be safe until U.S. leaders can inflict their “democracy” on the entire world.

However, what the current foreign policy does is promote a wide range of problems; they make a situation worse that they allegedly want to try to help. And the people have been shown on numerous occasions that they cannot rely on the government to respect their private property rights, because they’ll easily wave anyone off as justified collateral damage if they get in the way.

Our rulers continue to charge forward with an unapologetic foreign policy that is effectively bankrupting the nation in more ways than one.



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Violence is violence, come from whoever comes. No one has the right to subject anyone, even within the same country. Global justice is imposed, but honest and real.

War mongering, it's what we do.

very looking photography post..
Global justice is imposed, but honest and real.
best of luck...

honest and real its dam true.
Syria is actually being tortured and killed, it is not right in any way. Corruption very bad for every country's. i don't like it.

excellent..my market posts reflect this...you've seen notning yet..thanks..

Utterly, unconscionably sad...