800,000 additional deaths due to virus RESPONSE?

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800,000 additional deaths due to virus RESPONSE?

5 countries which didn't impose mandatory lockdowns: Sweden, Brazil, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Nicaragua

Professor Johan Giesecke, one of the world’s most senior epidemiologists, advisor to the Swedish Government speaks about their response:

5 US states which didn't impose mandatory lockdowns: Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota

In all cases, the mortality rate is comparable or LOWER.

But the lockdown brings much more death as well as untold suffering.

“For every 1% increase in the unemployment rate, we can expect an additional 47,000 deaths” according to Dr. Harvey Brenner, a sociologist and public health expert at Johns Hopkins University and the University of North Texas Health Science Center who has been carefully studying the link between economic fluctuations and the nation's physical and mental health for over 30 years. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/this-economy-is-a-real-ki_b_173515

As of 4-24-20: Real unemployment rate soars past 20%—and the U.S. has now lost 26.5 million jobs https://fortune.com/2020/04/23/us-unemployment-rate-numbers-claims-this-week-total-job-losses-april-23-2020-benefits-claims/

In February 2020, the unemployment rate was 3.5 percent, and the number of unemployed people was 5.8 million. Both these numbers were little changed from January. The percentage of the unemployed who had been jobless for 27 weeks or more was 19.2 percent in February 2020

Was 3.5% in February. You can do the math. Forget it, I'll do it for you: 800,000 expected additional deaths.

Worth it? Where are all the bleeding-heart liberals and rights-loving conservatives on this one?

If you've only been mildly inconvenienced by the lockdown, consider yourself fortunate.

Is this a global agenda to shut down not just the world - but also common sense?!
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