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RE: Why non-Asian coronavirus "victims" are in fine health

I had a quick look at this Reddit post and it reads like a Dean Koontz book because thats what it is - pure fiction.
The Reddit post provides no evidence to back up its outlandish claims.
Contrast the detailed evidence in my post or the evidence supporting the position that nCOV was bio-engineered in the Wuhan Virology Lab.


I agree. It was far-fetched. Now, I won't get out of the way of a good conspiracy if the evidence is present but in this case I think the story was well written, almost too well and it's such a long story that I started to think: get to the point. Personally I do think it was man-made, possibly for a purpose rather sinister. But this story line is just too much Hollywood. I went from pure interest to laughter at the part where he described the broken vial during a chase. But the fact that this virus showed up just as there were riots in China (not just in Hong Kong from what I've heard) is not a coincidence I think. But that's just my opinion. 😊

I think its engineered at the Wuhan Lab, but not as a bioweapon, rather for defensive immunology. A real bioweapon would be far more deadly and only an idiot would design an uncontrollable bioweapon that targeted your own people.
This was a huge stuff up by the Chinese government that is costing them dearly. When the choice is between conspiracy and incompetence, 90% of the time its incompetence.

I have to agree again. My first thought was that it was vaccine testing gone wrong. However, I wouldn't put something else past any of these people either.