Study takes a gander at connection among stoutness and COVID-19 seriousness

in #corona7 months ago

An ongoing report, distributed in the diary Obesity, distinguished "a high recurrence of stoutness among patients conceded in serious consideration for [COVID-19]." The creators likewise note that people with a higher BMI would in general experience progressively extreme side effects.

The analysts ordered data on 124 people admitted to escalated care units for COVID-19. They characterized more than 75% of these patients as having either corpulence or extreme heftiness.

By and large, they finish up, "Weight is a hazard factor for SARS‐CoV‐2 seriousness, requiring expanded regard for preventive measures in vulnerable people."

60% of people infected by SARS-CoV-2 on the Theodore Roosevelt displayed no symptoms

After one crew member tested positive for COVID-19 on a United States aircraft carrier, 94% of the 4,800 crew members were tested. More than 600 tested positive, yet the majority experienced no symptoms.

In total, 60% of those aboard the Theodore Roosevelt who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 reported no symptoms.

It is worth noting that the individuals aboard this ship were all young adults and, therefore, not indicative of the U.S. population; also, some of the 60% may go on to develop symptoms. However, 60% is significantly higher than other estimates, which range from 25–50%.

The ways in which this virus might move through a young, otherwise healthy population have implications for U.S. policymakers looking at reopening the economy.

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