Food Price Rises can’t be Hidden any Longer

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This video was originally published 13/8/2019 featured an acclaimed Israeli astrophysicist who is suggesting that the Sun drives the Earth’s climate and not CO­2 concentrations.

Included in the post is a story regarding areas in Australia that are seeing the first snows in decades. Kangaroos are hopping around in the snow, which is not a good indicator of “Global Warming”.

This Grand Solar Minimum cannot be halted; it is a natural cycle. Here is a website site by Dennis DeLaurier, and he provides a plethora of information on the collapse of the Sun’s primer fields, how the Sun drives our climate, and what can be expected in terms of timelines moving out with the global crop losses.

Speaking of crop losses, Tesco hikes prices on 1,000 food items, from bananas to flour, rice, beans, beer, muffins, milk, cheese, etc. Staple items that we consume daily.

Tesco is already at the point of raising prices on commodities, which are vertical in the supply chain, they own the farms that supply them. The same can be observed in Walmart. The farms that Walmart owns that are supplying Walmart Stores are also having difficulties growing crops, hence the price increases.

The Sun enumerated some commodities have risen in price; and among them are lentil beans, increasing by 152%, more than double in price. You can check this news story in the link I provided in the description box below.

What the spokesman said caught my attention; “Over the recent months, cost pressures have continued to build and impact the market.” This just means that some crops did not grow, so the bidders pushed up the price of wholesale deliveries, because less supply means higher price. Then at the bottom paragraph, they said; “We’ve worked hard to offset these pressures and focused on protecting our customers for as long as possible.”

But remember, ‘as long as possible’ is possible, until it is no longer possible, then you are left on your own. As soon as traders get to the next price constriction bottleneck, prices are going to be further increased. Do you think they care about you? They care more about their investors.

Meanwhile, this article featured a story on how to sweep through the UK and go to these different supermarkets, at particular times of the day, to get the best bargains. Interesting how this follows right on a “food price rise” article. I think it is now getting to the point where governments are trying to show you how to save money, because if you spend more for food, you won’t have as much money for a greater spending economy. Still, I wonder how many people are not going to watch movies this weekend because their food prices went up; or how many people are going to cook at home this weekend and not go out to a restaurant because their food prices are up. Where did that money go?

Now we have these jet stream shifts again, another fingerprint of a Grand Solar Minimum. As a result, yield for Europe’s apple, pear and stone fruit reduced in production. This information comes off World Apple and Pear Association: Apple production was reduced to 20%, pear production also down 14%, and stone fruit, that includes apricots, now on their 3rd consecutive year of losses. There are therefore, “serious decreases” in quotation marks, and all major pear producing countries are hit.

Means your fruit is going to get much more expensive in 2020

Sea food not immune either, prices are up due to decreased supply. This bad scallop season is blamed on above average massive flooding rainfall exiting the Mississippi and clogging the Gulf of Mexico with fine sediment.

Scallops are not growing as fast because the water’s salinity is too diluted. This means, the water has become too fresh with all the runoff.

Finally, down to Central America and Nicaragua; domestic markets increase their prices by 20% on one of the most staple food items in the country, beans. This is a clear indication of a disaster, because when you come down to the most staple commodity of a society, such as rice and beans, increasing in price by 20%, you know an economic contraction is coming.

We have seen already what has happened when governments try to raise fuel taxes. They are forced out of power and we are seeing more and more of these citizen’s upheavals. Cosmic ray increases perhaps?

This has been happening globally, so welcome to the economic contraction, because all the saber-rattling of the mainstream media is just a way to mask the reality regarding food price rises.

This way, “the corporate media” can blame it on governments and devaluing currency. This will give “central planners” an excuse to say that this economic contraction has nothing to do with decreased global output caused by the Grand Solar Minimum.

Among the solutions I can suggest, buy in bulk. You should go buy a 50 lb. bag of beans, not just a kilo out of it. You should consider how many types of each bean varieties and how many kg for eating and sprouting or long term storage ?

These types of solutions are talked about in my new book Climate Revolution: Understand, Prepare, Adapt and Thrive. Your shopping and spending habits are going to shift as the food prices get higher, are you ready for that? What will shift first? What skill do you have to provide for that shift?

Thanks for reading, I hope you got something out of the article.

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