Copytrack Pre-Sale Round Raises OVER $7.6 Million USD

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We’ve Just Closed Our USD 7.6M Pre-Sale Round.

Thank you for taking part in the #CopytrackICO Pre-Sale! With over 1,600 whitelisted backers able to purchase tokens we’re excited to share that we’ve raised a total of 5,624 Ethereum. At the current exchange rate (Coinbase Ethereum price as of 23:59 PM UTC on 09.01.2018 is USD 1,351) this is an equivalent to USD 7.6M.

In total 7.84M CPY tokens were distributed in the pre-sale.

It’s a huge seal of approval for our vision: to revolutionize how creators protect, track and monetize their work by using blockchain and smart contracts technology.

From everyone here at the Copytrack team: thank you so much for your support. Your trust in our vision enables us to build the Global Copyright Register and take digital copyright registration to the next level.

What’s next?

The main sale ICO is starting now! Visit to take part. The ICO will offer 60% of all CPY for public sale, while 20% tokens will be reserved for business development and remaining 20% for the advisors and founders.

You can still join our bounty program to help us spread the word and get free tokens as a bounty reward

For founders shares we have decided on the following lockup period and release plan: After a 6-months cliff 25% and every month thereafter 5% of their allocation.

We have initially launched the ERC-20 token on the blockchain. In the second quarter of 2018, we will execute a token swap of 100,000,000 ERC-20 tokens onto the new chain.

The Copytrack Global Copyright Register will do the following:

  1. No more image theft
    By registering images directly on the blockchain, all their usage and distribution will be registered. Creators are automatically notified whenever an image is being used.

  2. Global copyright database
    The open and global database of rights-holders and their work allows users to easily license and track their creative work.

  3. Fair & transparent compensation
    The CPY token directly connects creators and clients and facilitates transactions via smart contracts. Creatives are in full control of their own pricing and licensing options without any intermediaries, who nowadays take cuts of up to 70%.

About Copytrack
Copytrack is the undisputed market leader in uncovering image theft with headquarters in Berlin and Singapore and subsidiaries in New York and Tokyo. Over the past three years we have helped the photography community to claim image rights in over 50.000 of unsolicited use cases.

Learn more about Copytrack at:
Read the Copytrack Whitepaper at:
Read the Copytrack Technical Whitepaper:
Join the Copytrack Bounty Program:
Join us on Telegram and get live chat support:
Follow Copytrack on Twitter at:

Thank you.
Your Copytrack Team


That is really a great achievement @copytrackhq .

dig it. love this idea. i'll be following along wishing you guys success! this is a fantastic idea for creators across all areas and definitely helps solve several issues in the process. well done!

Love the fact that Kodak has recently announced they plan to try something similar. Copytrack has been doing this for years and has a HUUUUGE headstart.

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