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RE: The @docsmith Handcrafted Knife Contest by @cookwithus

in #cookwithus3 years ago

Thanks for posting this. You have received a Preemptive Strike by one of our simulcasters, @johnspalding, from:


This post will be featured on our next LIVE broadcast (Aug 14, 2018) at 9:30pm EST on @dlive! Jump on the Pile LIVE, if you're available and talk about your content.

Very creative contest and love the prize!!


Thanks @johnspalding! We will try to make it tonight to check out the show.

Thanks @chefsteve - I did my mention of the contest at about the 0:19:00 mark -

@johnspalding, We really appreciate the recognition and the exposure. I just watched the clip and It was great coverage of @docsmith and our event. Thank you!

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