Cook with Us - March, Week 1 - Not Yo MAMA's Meatloaf!

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Tim Ferriss and David Blane had a baby

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This recipe is inspired by Tim Ferriss the famous author of the book called "The four hour workweek". If you haven't read it you should. He also wrote a book called the "Four Hour Chef" where he features a recipe on meatloaf. He uses a technique of making something like a meatloaf burrito. The seasoned meat is laid out and then you fill it with goat cheese and spinach, roll it up and cook it! Super easy and really delicious. However, we put a David Blane twist on this recipe to fool our kids. What do I mean you ask? Well Dave Blane is known for making things disappear. So we Dave Blane'd a bunch of veggies in the meat. We added carrots, celery, and onions to the meat part of the mixture and buried twice the recommend amount of spinach in the middle part. If you are a parent you know it can be a challenge to feed young toddlers veggies and hiding them can make it super easy!


And The Results Are.....

Well in the interest of full discloser we got a family approval rating of 4 out 5. As you may know, even a "family favorite" dish can be like investment advise. That is to say..."Past performance is not indicative of future results".
Mommy, Daddy, and Twins all loved it but sadly our four year Toddler passed on it this time. However, the glowing smiles and sweet kisses I received were well worth it!


Blessings Steemfam

I hope you enjoyed the post and are inspired to revamp an ole classic yourself! And remember where possible...Dave Blane more veggies!

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Sounds like a good recipe to do a "myturn" to @ground2feet. I'm putting my recipe up shortly

neat ...will need to find the recipee and try it out ... my daughter is fiercely avid to veggies lol

Found a link to the Tim Ferriss part for you:
Adding the veggies to the meat is optional of course. Enjoy!

the looks delicious i hope they must be very testy

Your kids are tearing it up and not even knowing about the additional veggies! Very nice post and a great dish. Good luck!

Thank you! Hiding veggies definitely works lol! Thank you for your comment!

This is great! 😋 yummy

Thanks it was!

First of all, thank you for your #cookwithus entry!

I apologize that I'm just now getting to your entry. With kids as young as yours, I'm sure you understand how life can get in the way.

I have to say that I was totally amused by your reference to Tim Ferriss and David Blane. Also loved your technique for getting more veggies in your kids' diet. I hope your post gets good exposure as it may help a lot of families out there.

The meatloaf burrrito is such a great idea. And your version with the veggies appeals to me even more because I love vegetables. I will keep this in mind the next time I make meatloaf.

Thanks for sharing your family favorite! Hope to see an entry for CwU #2. So curious on what you'll come up with for the 3-ingredient theme. Maybe your 4-year old toddler will take to it this time. =D

Oh she will love it as it's a desert! lol

Great, she wins this next round then. Woohoo!

I've also heard a lot about the '4 hour work week book' but never read it myself.

The writing is really creative! What a nice way also to trick kids to eat veggies :D

Good luck with the contest :)

Thank you for you thoughtful comments! That book changed my life and got me to think about how to work smarter not harder!!

Definitely going to give this one a try @ground2feet - looks very tasty. Also like the new verb "blane'd" - we can even make a tag with this one. Followed and upvoted

Thank you our family really had fun doing this challenge!

Hi @ground2feet! First, thank you for your entry. We appreciate you sharing your story and how you improvised the dish to add additional veggies for your kids. That is a smart way to get kids to eat more vegetables. The meatloaf sounds so good loaded with veggies and cheese. The Tim Ferriss and Dave Blaine reference is so funny! And I love your new english language verb, "Blane'd"! That is great.

Thank you we had a fun dinner and it was great to share it with your contest! We are already thinking about next week! Perfect project to beat the winter blues! Looking forward to seeing all the others!

Thanks! I just arrived back to the East coast late Tuesday night from Thailand just in time for a foot of snow! I was thinking while I was away, this is great I will get back in March and winter will be over. So, I know exactly what you mean by winter blues! I was up at 5am shoveling snow today! We post the results just after the contest ends next Monday and then Tuesday the next week opens. Looking forward to your next entry!

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This is so crazy absurd @ground2feet. I was thinking that I should start kooking this year. Can't even spell the word..

LOl you're hilarious!

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