Cookwithus # 24 - Round 2 DocSmith Competition - Rosey Blue Strawberry Chicken

in cookwithus •  4 months ago

Well, to say the least, I am flattered and humbled to be going through to the second round of this competition.

The mystery basket had the four ingredients we had to use and I immediately knew what it was that I was going to prepare.

The ingredients are chicken, tomato, strawberries and tea.

I searched for fresh strawberries but could not find them. Luckily we had a tin of strawberries in the pantry. They looked so dull when I opened the tin so I decided to dye them blue with some food colouring. This worked out exceptionally well.

Fun with the colouring

Now, the truth is, I have never used strawberries in my cooking so this was an addition to my already favourite dish of chicken, tomato, feta cheese and baby spinach leaves.

And alas, that sinking feeling when you have eaten all the food and remember the proof photograph. Luckily I hadn't thrown away the tin from the strawberries and could add baby spinach, tomato and feta to produce a proof photograph.

Some ingredients: Strawberries, feta, baby spinach and tomato

Now the method

3 Chicken breasts in a pyrex oven-proof dish
Add a tin of tomatoes as well as some fresh cherry tomatoes
Add some origanum, himalayan salt and freshly ground pepper
Bake in the oven until chicken browns and then remove from oven to add feta cheese and olives when chicken is cooked

Add origanum, himalayan salt and freshly ground pepper and place in oven

Place in moderate oven for about 30 minutes

Whilst chicken cooking, mash the strawberries and mix with some strong well brewed mint tea

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 10.14.41 PM.png
The inclusion of tea in the recipe was easy. I used mint tea with sugar and the mashed strawberries to make the sauce to pour over the chicken

Heat the strawberry mix until thickens enough to pour over the chicken.

MY FINAL PLATING - served with buckwheat - a gift from Lithuania

My blue strawberries

Tomato roses with baby spinach leaves and a yellow hot pepper crown

I hope you enjoy looking at my creation as much as I enjoyed making it. Upvote or resteem would be appreciated.

Thanks again to our esteemed judges and organisers of this competition - @chefsteve @offoodandart and @pandamama. A huge thank you to @docsmith for adding this great prize for one lucky contestant

Much Love

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How very creative @edenmichelle, love the rosey blue strawberries & your tomato roses, looks like you had great fun in the kitchen! Sure your family must have enjoyed getting spoilt like that, well done & good luck!


It sure was a lot of fun preparing the dish and then eating it. Thanks @lizelle

This is one beautifully executed dish and all the elements seem to match perfectly. Great dish!


Thank you so much @foodforsoul - means a lot coming from you

Overall great use of the mystery basket ingredients. I like how you colored the strawberries, It really made the dish visually striking. Your garnishes are so pretty too. You really stepped it up this week!

How was the dish received by your family?

Thanks for your entry and for sharing your dish with Cook with Us!


Thanks @chefsteve - colouring the strawberries was essential as they were a pinky colour in the tin and didn't look attractive at all. First time doing those garnishes as well - a lot of fun.
The family loved the dish

Great photographs @edenmichelle - and wonderful use of the ingredients


Thanks Baz - appreciate the comment

I think you combined all of the ingredients very cohesively! Love that cute little garnish with the tomato roses and pepper crown. :)


Thank you @plantsoplanks - it was a labour of love and I was happy with the way the garnishes turned out

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Great idea to dye the strawberries to make the dish stand out! Excellent entry, good luck this week!


Thank you @slowcookingchef - since fresh strawberries were nowhere to be seen - I had to be creative - so happy I did that. Good luck to you too

Well done on this recipe - and the strawberries gave this a different slant on a much loved dish

Nice one Eden - love the photographs and the dish looks so delicious


It really was yummy - thanks Lizz

Uuuu, blue strawberries - nice


Had a lot of fun @docsmith

Looks very delicious @edenmichelle. Hope u win :) x


Thanks @lesbento - I'm grateful to have got to second round. Very stiff competition - and many didn't get to enter. Lucky winner though - what an amazing prize

I find it so interesting and unique. Who would've thought to make strawberries blue? Only someone who has a wonderfully creative mind like you, of course! Your creativity definitely stretches far beyond music @edenmichelle!

Thanks for you


Thank you so much for the wonderful comment @offoodandart - coming from one as creative and artistic as you are, that means a lot to me

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Most unusual dish to prepare @edenmichelle colourful to say the least, hope it tasted good.


Thank you Joan - it was really delicious - the ingredients worked perfectly