August WIPs and how I become a contest

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Hello dear Stemians,

today I have a special treat for you...

But before a bit about what I've been doing this month and just a bit of a mishmash.

So, even though I'm on vacation with my wife for the last week or so and I won't be getting home for a couple of weeks, it doesn't mean I didn't do anything. I actually had a very productive fortnight, ending with the first weekend of August.

I really did do a lot: I've started a new batch and did a successful heat-treatment and actually finished two of the new knives on the grinder.

Aug/Sep batch after the HT

You've alread seen the first one in my Giveaway post.
But I actually wanna talk about this one...

How it all started

A few months ago I've stumbled on this guys - @cookwithus

And after browsing a few posts it become clear to me that these are not your average Harry, Dick & Tom with some lame cooking contest but actually a group of three very cool people, namely - @chefsteve, @offoodandart and @pandamama.
And they are working hard to bring a quality content to Steemit.

So, me being a cool guy myself, I've approached them and suggested a bit of a support to their worthy cause.
And, after some cool and interesting chats via Discord we decided to make a special three-week-long contest where one of my knives will be the grand prize.

Therefore, if you like to cook and would like to take a chance to show your skills go ahead and apply here:

The @docsmith Handcrafted Knife Contest by @cookwithus

And, even if you're not going to join the contest it would really be a big deal if you check them out and support them with an upvote or two - they really are doing a great job of bringing quality content to Steemit, all the while bringing joy to the Steemit community.

Thank you for stopping by and if you have something to say please do so down below...

Oh, and I'll be making a full post about making this knife for the lucky winner soon, so stay tuned.

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I have to say, i’ve been following you for a while, and i have to say i love your work. I work as a chef and my knives are my life and cornerstone of my profession. I can’t do nothing but admire your work! Loving what you do!


It's always nice to hear that someone appreciates what I do, but hearing it from an actual chef is a special treat.
So, thank you, it really means a lot.

Hey @docsmith, looks like you have been busy during your holiday! Thanks for the shoutout! We are looking forward to the start of the contest!


You are welcome and I must say I'm looking forward to seeing what will the contestants present for this challenge. ;)

Voglio vedere quel drop-point e quello vicino... Un kiridashi?
Bravo @docsmith per il tuo supporto a @kookwithus... Domani dono un trail di upvote 👍
Un saluto, nicola


Thanks Nicola,
the drop point will have a horn handle - mine first :)
And the one next to it, not a real kiridashi but it was heavily inspired by that kind of a profile.
It's going to look like this when done

The terrific trio that is @cookwithus truly is fantastic! Along with all of the great people like you who contribute to keep us folks excited to join in each week. Can't wait to see more about the contest! Your work is fantastic. The winner will be very lucky indeed!


Yes, they really are awesome.

And thanks for the praise - much obliged.

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