Happy Pancake Day everyone - Let's eat until we throw up and then eat some more!

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Hello Stackers, happy Shrove Tuesday which is celebrated in lots of Christian countries on the last day before lent (Ash Wednesday) begins. Shrove Tuesday has been a thing for just over 1000 years but eating pancakes started in the UK during the 16th century. On the day before lent, people would use up all of there milk and eggs and feast out before lent begins. I dont know much about that, all i know is i fucking love pancakes. I love all types of pancakes, thick fluffy pancakes, skinny pancakes, crapes, mini pancake's, choc chip pancakes and my favourite cinnamon pancakes. And then there are toppings to think about after, it's more of a science for me.

Today Steemit, i will be mainly staking pancakes

Some of you will know im a time served baker and having worked in home bakeries for over 10 years, i have hand dropped hundreds of thousands of pancakes 72 at a time. I used to make up a big batter mix by hand, then i scooped some batter into my hand and basically rolled my fingers toward my palm starting from the big finger down to the pinky finger over the hotplate to drop it. It takes some practice to get them all the right size every time and then you have to learn to do it super fast. By the time i drop the 72nd pancake, the 1st pancake will need to be flipped. I loved it, standing infront of a 80 cm by 320 cm whack of solid slate with at least a dozen gas strip under to heat the whole thing, covered to my elbows in drying batter and armed with only a pancake flip with the radio playing in the background. I miss that job, I was a hard grind and i wish sometimes i was still at it but i have it to easy, just supervising over a bunch of faker bakers in a factory is pretty cushy. Home bakeries are a thing of the past and supermarkets now rule with there 'homemade range' from same factory like the one i work in. I provide bread for Waitrose, M&S and Dunnes stores. Anyways back to pancakes.

I used to love the hot plate, i never wore a doctors jackets are hairnet but my pancake size was more consistent and i dropped mine closer together. You squeeze an extra row on there and you'll increase your productivity there girly.

I have not made mine yet but i have the batter already done, Its in the fridge in a glass bowl getting nice and cold, old bakers trick. The kids get them in school so i leave mine for supper time. In my house, we eat as we cook and the only rule is you have finish your pancake before your next one is ready. I'll start out by staking up 12 thick and fluffy pancakes, they go to the cooling rack for later. Next i get my buttermilk and thin down the batter and give the kids a shout. It's cook and eat them until your are full, once each pancake come's out of the pan it's covered in a splash of lemon juice, sprinkled with sugar and rolled in about 4.7 seconds is my record. It's lifespan is about 1 minute and they are fantastic when still hot.
The misses likes the big fluffy ones so before before bed, i'll out 3 each on to a plate and go to town on them. It normally goes pancake, nutella, banana slices, strawberries, lots of whipped cream, a few blueberries and a little of either custurd/choc sauce over the top. The kids dont normally finish theirs but i give them full size.

These look awesome, i have everything there to make them. I might just make a few to play about

Happy Pancake Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sound delicious. 🤤 🥞